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Elementor Pro Review – LearnWoo

Elementor Pro Review – LearnWoo

Since its 2016 release, Elementor has developed into one of the most well-liked and effective WordPress page builder plugins.

It is now a WordPress website builder rather than just a page builder plugin as a result of recent improvements. This means that in addition to designing unique layouts for your content (posts and pages), you can also use Elementor Pro’s user-friendly drag-and-drop interface to manage the aesthetic of your whole WordPress website.

Elementor Pro features a sizable collection of top-notch customizable templates that you may use to create your website in addition to the content editor. Additionally, it offers a ton of other functions that much exceed what a WordPress page builder plugin could previously offer.

Elementor Pro could be the option for you if building a custom WordPress website from scratch or altering an existing one seems attractive to you without having to touch any code.

This Elementor Pro review will examine the features, functionality, and a variety of other factors to help you decide if this service is appropriate for your business.

The difference between Elementor and Elementor Pro

Many of the capabilities included in Elementor Pro’s paid library of page templates and blocks, as well as its numerous widgets, popup and theme builders, and other features, are absent from the free plugin. Both the capability to interface your sites with third-party services and the capacity to use online forms are not included.

The plugin’s free version may be used to get a better understanding of how Elementor works. You may also take advantage of the money-back guarantee during the 30-day risk-free trial of Elementor Pro. The latter will undoubtedly provide you with a more realistic understanding of what this potent weapon can achieve and if it’s appropriate for you or not.

Other elements of your website outside the post and page content area that may be customized with Elementor Pro include the header, footer, post archives, and other locations. As opposed to being only a content editor or page builder, this indicates that Elementor Pro is a genuine WordPress website builder. Elementor Pro includes the required features if you desire complete creative control over your website and the ability to construct a unique WordPress website.

You may modify your online store using the popular WooCommerce plugin in conjunction with Elementor Pro. In actuality, the majority of third-party WordPress plugins and themes are compatible with Elementor Pro.

Let us take a look at the pricing and features that Elementor Pro offers us. Before we begin, let us go through the usability.

Elementor Pro’s Usability

Elementor Pro's home page

Well, pretty much everyone who uses WordPress can use Elementor. Let’s examine a 3 particular situations:

  • Elementor is ideal for you if you’re simply a casual user searching for a method to spice up your blog entries or create a stunning homepage. With no technical expertise necessary, you can create some gorgeous designs using the visual interface.
  • Because it has so many marketing components, Elementor is perfect for teams and digital marketers. For instance, Elementor Pro’s Form widget enables you to build various lead forms and connect them to well-known email marketing providers. Additionally, it offers a Zapier connector that enables you to link to your CRM.
  • Elementor is a great (and well-liked) option if you’re creating websites for customers. You may create completely unique client websites with Elementor and a versatile theme like Astra without writing any code. When necessary, such as when creating the template for a custom post type, you can also utilize Theme Builder.

Ease of Use

Elementor Pro settings

Before delving into the Elementor Pro user interface (UI) and experience, it’s important to quickly review the various elements of the primary WordPress UI.

WordPress comes with two primary UIs that website owners may utilize to create their websites by default:

  • The WordPress Customizer used to alter the fonts, colors, and overall design of a website.
  • New articles and pages are created using the WordPress Editor (its latest version is also referred to as the Gutenberg or block editor).

A third user interface is introduced to WordPress when Elementor Pro is installed, providing you more flexibility to edit your site’s design and add articles and pages.

In the past few years, the basic WordPress post and page editor has advanced significantly. Recent upgrades have made it more simpler than ever to create unique post and page designs with eye-catching layouts utilizing a variety of various blocks, including picture galleries, videos, and buttons.

Despite these upgrades, excellent content editor plugins like Elementor are still useful. Without the requirement for coding knowledge, they provide you a lot more freedom than the WordPress experience by default.

Elementor Pro Pricing

Elementor Pro Pricing

There are a couple different licenses available for the premium plugin Elementor Pro, with yearly costs starting at $49. The good news is that you’ll have access to all of Elementor Pro’s features regardless of whatever option you select.

The number of sites you may use Elementor Pro on and a few kits and support differences are the only significant variations between the plans.

You have the following choices for buying Elementor Pro:

  • Essential: It costs $49 per year for use on one website and access to premium kits and support.
  • Advanced: $99 annually for usage on three websites, with the same level of support as the prior package.
  • Expert: This plan is $199 per year and includes use on 25 websites in addition to email support.
  • Studio: This plan costs $499 annually for use on 100 websites and includes email and live chat support (currently $299 annually)
  • Agency: $999 per year for use on 1,000 websites, with email and live chat support

Elementor Pro’s Widgets

Elementor Pro offers you a wide range of widgets that you may use into your pages and other sections of your site while developing your bespoke designs.

These widgets come in both simple and complicated varieties, such as call-to-actions, PayPal buttons, and price tables. Basic widgets include picture galleries, buttons, and carousels.

Each widget may be altered so that it has the ideal appearance for your website. PowerPack Lite and Ultimate Addons are just two of the free and paid extensions that let you add even more widgets to Elementor Pro.

Controls That Are Context-Aware

Your pages’ structure, elements, and more may all be completely changed, both in terms of how they seem and how they work. There is also the option of using a variety of animation effects.

The builder interface is quite user-friendly overall. The necessary controls are presented in the sidebar area when you just click on a page item. Depending on the sort of element you’re working on, the controls accessible may vary, but generally speaking, you can alter any element in a broad range of ways.

All of the customization options are visual, and they make use of buttons, sliders, text boxes, and other elements as needed. They are quite simple to use and experiment with as a result.

However, for even more customization choices, you can also upload unique CSS code via the interface.

Elementor Pro’s Drag-and-Drop builder

Elementor Pro's Drag-and-Drop builder

You may quickly move objects across the page and resize columns and rows by dragging their boundaries with your mouse or trackpad if you use the drag-and-drop WordPress website builder Elementor.

A decent number of hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts) are also available in Elementor to help you save even more time. Elementor has additional features that make it seem more like a separate website design program than a WordPress plugin, such as the revision history and undo and redo options.

You may preview your page at any moment to see how your visitors will interact with it, even though Elementor does offer a WYSIWYG interface that provides you a genuine image of what your website will look like when it goes live. By doing this, all of Elementor’s controls are hidden, allowing you to experience the website as it really is.

Elementor Pro’s Theme Builder

Elementor Pro has changed from being a page builder plugin to a WordPress website builder. This implies that all elements of your website, not just the articles and pages, may be changed.

Now, you can customize your website’s header, footer, and any other component using the same simple drag-and-drop editor.

You may also make numerous templates and utilize the criteria function to attach them to particular posts, such those made by a particular user or coming from a particular category. Conditions can also be used to define which header is shown with particular website pages.

The theme builder in Elementor Pro is exceptional. You have the option to make a cutting-edge unique design for your complete website.

Elementor Pro’s Blocks and Templates

Elementor Pro’s Templates

The most crucial component of Elementor Pro is its intuitive editing interface. It doesn’t really matter what other features a tool has if it’s difficult to use. The most appealing feature of this plugin, though, is arguably the modifiable Elementor Pro templates.

With Elementor Pro, you have access to around 200 different page templates, 100+ content blocks, and 16 website kits.

Each template was created to a very high quality. To make Elementor Pro a flexible choice for anyone searching for some pre-built material to aid them in creating their website, they also offer a broad range of tasks.

Elementor Pro is an excellent addition to already-existing websites where immediately releasing a page to promote an offer or enhance conversions would be advantageous. Examples of templates include the landing page designs.

Additionally useful are the blocks. They may be utilized to add specific well-liked portions to your sites rather than serving as whole templates. The blocks for “about,” “contact,” “clients,” and “testimonials” are a few examples. The blocks may be completely customized using the Elementor Pro interface, much as the templates.

The fact that many of the Elementor Pro templates are independent or separate templates is a drawback. The primary pages a website requires, such as the home, about, contact, and services pages, are also covered by a few template packages.

Elementor Pro’s Mobile Responsiveness

Elementor Pro’s Mobile compatibility

The content you produce with Elementor will by default be responsive to mobile devices. Additionally, you have a great deal of flexibility over how your information appears, depending on the size of the screen being used to view it.

Depending on the visitor’s device, you may alter how your page is presented with the help of the mobile responsive editing options. Choosing which background picture to load, repositioning a page element, or concealing components on mobile devices while displaying them on desktop platforms are a few examples of how this may be done.

Elementor Pro’s Performance

A plugin called Elementor might be helpful for including lovely widgets and styles on your website. Its adaptable and user-friendly qualities have attracted a lot of add-on plugins that enable you to build amazing websites without knowing how to code.

However, if you overuse plugins or have too many animations, your entire website may become sluggish.

Therefore, the topic of whether Elementor slows down your website even without any of these add-ons is raised.

When compared to the default WordPress Gutenberg editor, the Gutenberg editor loads faster in terms of individual sections.  However, in terms of a completely loaded website, Elementor Pro performs better.

Additional Functionality

The page builder user interface, templates, and widgets are Elementor Pro’s standout features. But there are a lot more reasons to think about using this technology, such as:

  • Use the popup builder to make personalized pop ups that may be used to sell things or gather email addresses to increase the number of leads coming from your website.
  • Using the drag-and-drop editor, construct simple and complex custom forms.
  • Access the WooCommerce widgets and customize your online store with the WooCommerce Builder.
  • Control which features of Elementor Pro may be used by logged-in users on your site by using the role manager.
  • Integrate your website with a variety of tools and services, such as social networks, email marketing platforms, and much more.
  • Create dynamic custom widgets using global widgets to use on your whole website.
  • Hello Theme is a free, downloadable theme that is designed to work with Elementor.


As you can see, Elementor Pro is a strong tool for developing distinctive content designs and building personalized WordPress websites. Elementor Pro contains the functionality you need to either create a brand-new WordPress website from the start or give your current site more robust website modification and page building capabilities.

It’s a fantastic bargain choice as well, with pricing beginning at $49 per year. This is especially true when you take into account the templates, widgets, and other tools you have access to, including the popup builder.

We really hope that this article gave you all the insight necessary to make an informed decision.

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