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12 Useful Content Marketing Plugins for WordPress

12 Useful Content Marketing Plugins for WordPress

Everyone is aware of WordPress’ popularity among bloggers and companies. Using WordPress marketing plugins will help get the most out of your content management system (CMS).

The process of content marketing requires a lot of time and work. Even producing content that your viewers will at the very least peruse, let alone read and spread to others, takes a lot of work.

You, therefore, need all the help you can get to consistently produce and distribute content. WordPress offers several tools and plugins to make content marketing easier. Content strategies might be improved by utilizing top WordPress plugins for content marketing. It can therefore assist you in achieving new levels of success.

Why Do You Need Content Marketing Plugins?

Plugins for content marketing can assist you to improve your material’s overall quality. This enhances production while saving you valuable time and money. In other words, you can focus your efforts and resources in the appropriate directions.

A content marketing agency can help businesses create content by using content marketing WordPress plugins. Businesses can build strategies and create content with the aid of content marketing agencies.

These partners are essential for attracting consumers and increasing brand recognition through blogging. You can use it to find fresh themes or issues to write on to comprehend your target audience’s identity.

12 WordPress Plugins That Are Useful for Content Marketing

  1. Edit Flow
Useful Content Marketing Plugins for WordPress | Edit Flow

A flawless editorial workflow is necessary to provide informative and interesting material. A good workflow will enable you to do a variety of jobs with ease.

The edit flow WordPress plugin allows you to add custom post statuses and manage an editorial schedule. It also allows you to leave editorial comments.

It is one of the most sought-after blog marketing tools and is quite effective, especially with blogs with multiple authors.

  1. WP Featured Content and Slider
Essential Plugin

It has a staggering number of features and lets you use sliders and grids to display prominent material.

It has three lovely layouts, a completely responsive touch-based slider, and more than 20 slider and grid designs. It also has a drag-and-drop post-order changing capability that is all included in this WordPress content slider plugin.

  1. MonsterInsights

It enables Google Analytics integration for your website. This is so that you can view website traffic statistics, the most popular referral sources, and the most lucrative pages.

The ease with which user involvement can be tracked is the best feature of employing this fantastic content marketing tool. You can also identify possible weaknesses in your content marketing approach with this tool. You can strengthen it to gain more traction.

  1. Yoast SEO
Useful Content Marketing Plugins for WordPress | Yoast

Yoast SEO is a top content marketing plugin that helps you build influential and well-ranked blogs. Your blog titles, headings, and meta descriptions will begin to be optimized as you enter your focus keywords. Its insight feature highlights the essential points of your material. It then offers extra synonyms and associated key phrases.

Analysis of readability ensures that information is optimized for both people and search engines. Google’s search result preview displays how your listings will appear.

It automatically provides internal linking ideas when you’ve finished authoring your articles. By automatically setting up or managing redirects when your link is broken or altered, it prevents 404 pages from appearing. It is fantastic for enhancing user experience and lowering bounce rates.

Additionally, you can designate roles within your team to allocate SEO responsibilities. It automatically adds structured data through sophisticated XML sitemaps. This helps Google comprehend your website.

  1. FS Poster

WordPress bloggers can use FS Poster to scale their social media posting experiences. Supporting 15 social networks enables it to attract enough users from a variety of platforms. The fantastic news is that you can simultaneously configure and share an endless number of social network profiles.

You can schedule or auto-post your blogs after they are published by choosing a date and time. By specifying the post order and intervals for an unlimited number of posts, you can auto-post them using bulk scheduling. Increased publishing will ultimately increase traffic and boost your ranking on search engines.

You may easily incorporate specific WordPress categories or tags in the post descriptions. Plus, you may write unique messages for each network using the social media scheduler. Additionally, you can access every platform using proxy support.

In addition to this, it enables you to monitor planned posts, view individual social media KPIs, and compare them by platform. For future upgrades and customer support, FS Poster requires a one-time fee of $45.

  1. Ahrefs
Useful Content Marketing Plugins for WordPress | Ahrefs

Your go-to tool, the Ahrefs WordPress plugin, has a keyword explorer and a wide range of content research capabilities. Utilize these tools to find out what kind of content you need to have for these keywords on your website. Additionally, it includes a powerful crawler that keeps watching over the internet. This makes tracking backlinks a breeze. Additionally, you may keep tabs on paid advertising keywords and rival backlinks.

  1. SEMRush Writing Assistant

To assist WordPress bloggers and business websites, SEMRush, one of the most popular SEO tools on the market, created a plugin. Based on Google’s top 10 ranking pages for the keyword, it offers recommendations for content optimization.

The complexity and volume of the keywords are displayed once you enter the target term. It includes voice-tone suggestions to guarantee consistency throughout the entire piece. It also provides an overall SEO score based on text readability, keyword density, text length, and other factors.

Keyword research offers information on the SEO tactics used by rivals and makes suggestions for how to overtake them in the market. A backlink checker is included to detect any potential problems and links.

In addition to these, the plagiarism detector checks the authenticity of the text for any plagiarism. You must link your free or paid SEMRush account to WordPress even if it is a free plugin.

  1. MyCurator

All content producers struggle with a lack of originality and struggle to come up with ideas. Content creators can find more content by using MyCurator. It brings relevant articles from various sources.

One of the clever WordPress plugins for content marketing that automates content development. You can train the plugin using its machine learning engine by simply up or downvoting the curated listings. After a few tests, it brings more stuff that is similar while removing spam and useless items.

The content marketing plugin for WordPress aids in content discovery. Additionally, you can filter information based on keywords or other criteria.

It curates information in any language and produces posts in the language that is used on your site. While you continue to browse the internet, it embeds videos from YouTube and other sources. It then saves numerous articles and curates material.

  1. PublishPress

You can regularly produce useful material if you have a good editorial workflow. You can make an editorial calendar, and plan and manage WordPress revisions.

All of these things are especially helpful if you manage a WordPress blog with multiple authors.

  1. PrePost SEO

PrePost SEO helps to produce genuine and SEO-friendly content. Before publication, it displays the content’s SEO rating and provides ideas for improvement.

It offers features such as a broken link checker and keyword density, meta-tag analysis, and link counters. Additionally, it validates the alt tags for your images and tweaks the post titles for SEO.

Its sophisticated plagiarism detector checks for instances of duplicate content. It then presents the findings for each sentence. SEO checker, on the other hand, offers domain and page authority and examines websites from a wide angle to boost all of your crucial SEO factors. Users can assess how similar two texts or websites are by comparing them.

  1. Grammarly

Only high-quality content can make content marketing effective. Making ensuring there are no grammar errors in the content you write is also crucial to producing high-quality content.

Readers’ doubts about your competence can be dispelled by using a grammar-checking plugin like Grammarly. Your content will be of higher quality as a result.

One of the best online grammar checkers is Grammarly. It is practically everywhere. Whether it be your web browser or the WordPress posts editor. Grammarly will detect grammatical, spelling, and contextual errors in your writing after installation.

  1. StoryChief
Useful Content Marketing Plugins for WordPress | StoryChief

WordPress bloggers can use StoryChief for SEO blog posts and social media postings. Articles can be published directly from the plugin while retaining their original formatting, including headers, links, and lists. By leveraging your website’s CSS, it preserves your site’s branding. It supports other helpful WordPress SEO plugins like AIO SEO, RankMath, and SEOPress.

Views, impressions, and SEO ratings of certain posts are displayed in the reporting tab. Additionally, you may see cross-channel audience interaction. StoryChief can be used for collaborative content projects


It is important to devote more time to crucial tasks like sales and marketing for your company. This article is aimed to assist WordPress content writers in developing a strong content strategy through the use of WordPress content marketing plugins.

These plugins are excellent tools for helping you with the content production portion. Your site can advance if you have the correct set of WordPress content marketing plugins. Therefore, before choosing the appropriate tools, you must be aware of your marketing and business needs.

These content marketing plugins for WordPress improve your productivity and also guarantee a positive user experience for visitors to your website.

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