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Set Cart Restrictions on your WooCommerce Cart

Set Cart Restrictions on your WooCommerce Cart

Set Cart Restrictions

Store owners can put restrictions on WooCommerce Carts to restrict carts by multiple conditions like cart price, the number of cart items, products, or specific customers & roles.

You can control the distribution of your products by adding cart restrictions. You can limit the maximum number of products a customer can buy.

WooCommerce has a lot of potential applications, it’s pretty limited when it comes to restricting WooCommerce Carts on your online store.

In this tutorial, you’re going to learn how to put limitations on the WooCommerce Carts by using the WooCommerce plugin.

WooCommerce Cart Restrictions: why would you want them?

When a store owner sells thousands of products in their online store, there are several times when the store owner has to set some restrictions to prevent customers from ordering the items. It may be that they have to limit customers adding the product to their shopping cart at that point if the quantity is limited or the product is only available to customers in certain customer groups or during a flash sale.

Following are the several reasons why you’d use WooCommerce Cart Limit for your WooCommerce site.

Manage sales

By restricting carts, you can manage sales on your terms. when you put restrictions on product quantity or cart cost, it will become easy for you to look into your sales. You can easily entertain orders on time. It will also help you to save on shipping prices by limiting cart-item quantities or cart amounts.

Sell Quality items

When you want to focus on producing quality items, not quantity you can put cart limitations. You can offer a limited quantity of new or limited-edition items. When you purchase limited stock items in bulk so you can resell them, which leads to a rapid sell-out. You need to make sure all your customers have a chance to purchase trending and best-selling limited items so that’s why you restrict the number of items your customers can buy.

Control inventory 

You can control your restocking timing by putting restrictions on the cart. Let’s suppose you want to sell custom-made goods that have a limited stock, you can put limitations on the quantity of the carts for the customers to purchase in a specific time. The customers are not allowed to place another order until they’ve reached the threshold.

Specific user roles

You can set WooCommerce cart restrictions and apply them to selected customers and user roles for a specified period. if you want to deal with the wholesale sellers you can specify a user role for them and can restrict specific products for them. In case you are offering discounted prices to B2B users, you can limit the minimum product, cart quantity, or amount they must purchase.

How to set up restrictions on your WooCommerce Cart

For the purpose of demonstration, we will take a look at the WooCommerce limit cart Quantity plugin. 

This plugin makes it easy to set up Cart restrictions in WooCommerce. You can restrict users from buying limited edition products in order to manage inventory. It helps you to set up your WooCommerce cart limits in an intuitive way.

You can buy this plugin from FMEADDONS at WooCommerce Marketplace. You can activate and install the plugin given as follow:

  1. In the First step, you will download the Cart Limit For WooCommerce.zip file from your WooCommerce Account
  2. After downloading the file open the WordPress Admin then go to the Plugins option then select Add New and Upload Plugin then go to Choose the File where you will upload the Cart Limit For WooCommerce.zip file
  3. In the Last step go to the Install Now option and then Activate the plugin.

After the activation, go to WooCommerce > Settings in the WP admin panel and click the Cart Limit tab. Next, let’s take a look at how this plugin works.

Restrict additional items

You as a Store Owner can set a maximum number of items per category to ensure that new items, in-demand items, and limited inventory items are distributed equally.  You can add a maximum amount to your cart as well. You can select the “Stop Adding New product to cart ” option then you will select where to put a limit,  on cart amounts or on product quantity. At the end set the number of products allowed by you. 

Replace products with additional items

WooCommerce limit of products allows you to restrict the cart to specific amounts of items, or you can allow additional items to replace an earlier selection. You can replace the additional item with the first or last product added to the cart. You can replace products by selecting the option “Replace Product in Cart”. Then you can select replace first or replace last options. You can replace products by restricting product count, item count, or cart amount.

Customize a product replacement message

If a product is replaced due to a cart restriction, WooCommerce Cart Limit allows you to show a message explaining the change. You can create additional messages to explain why customers cannot add more products to their carts. You can do this by entering a message in the “Enter Message for Product Replacement” field as shown below:

Personalize cart-limit message

Include custom text in the cart-limit message box to help customers understand why they cannot add more products to their carts with clarity. You can do this by entering a message in the “Enter Message When You Stop Add to Cart” field as shown below:


You have the freedom to tailor your WooCommerce store to best fit your company’s needs. It can be challenging to set up restrictions on carts in WooCommerce, especially if you don’t have the right tools. Depending on your needs, you can set up different restrictions. Listed above is the best solution to allow, store admins, to restrict customers’ carts based on total prices or the number of products.

Are you ready to start restricting your WooCommerce Carts for your online stores?

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