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How to Connect WooCommerce to Facebook

How to Connect WooCommerce to Facebook

How to Connect WooCommerce to Facebook

As we are completely into digitalization, let’s leave no stone unturned for making the best of business operations and their results. One of those ways is by connecting WooCommerce to Facebook. In this guide, we will combine WooCommerce as the perfect platform for sales and Facebook as the largest network for your potential customers. So let’s try and discuss how to connect WooCommerce to Facebook.

What is WooCommerce?

You will find WooCommerce as an interesting eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed as an open-source, simple, and secure platform to kickstart the creation and management of your online store. You can easily do inventory and tax management, selling, customer engagement, order tracking, shipping integration, and secure payments. You can sell any physical products, services, digital products, or anything at any time, anywhere. 

  • Get great flexibility
  • Uncountable customization options 
  • WordPress specific features
  • Interactive tone, theme, style, and design
  • Vibrant developer community
  • Perfect security
  • Powerful analytics for orders
  • Top-class content management
  • Smooth and fast process for product integration
  • Good SEO features
  • Cost-effective techniques 

What is Facebook (Meta)?

When it comes to social media platforms, Facebook is the most popular in the world. It is now called Meta, the technology company where several business owners market their products to the target audience. On this platform, you can expand your network in new ways and multiply the chances of selling more products. Its newly updated features include.

  1. Newsfeed: Facebook users see the content of the pages they follow regularly
  2. Messenger: a messaging platform provided by Facebook
  3. Timeline: it displays the users’ information and content posted
  4. The wall: a space for your content
  5. Events: for organizing online events
  6. Groups: Specific groups for specific purposes
  7. Organize your lists: different types of customers in different lists
  8. Live streaming to multiple pages: To connect with the fans to encourage them with broadcasting content related to your expertise and products
  9. Royalty-free music: best strategy to avoid copyright infringement with Facebook’s sound collection of 1000+ tunes

What is Facebook Marketplace?

A platform where Facebook users can discover products to buy or find potential customers to sell their products. With Facebook Marketplace you can sell new or refurbished products and allow customers to buy items without leaving the platform. This marketplace allows you to sell a variety of products such as vehicles, home rentals, event tickets, retail products, etc.

Benefits of connecting both platforms

When your social media account and e-store have interconnection, advertising, measuring, and results become easy to track and improve. You can quickly share your website events on Facebook. Hence, you will find a good idea about how users interact with your business and its products. Accordingly, you can optimize the target audience and reach of your FB ads to enhance the results. 

Other benefits include:

  • Exposure to a wide network
  • Promotion of store and product
  • Reaching followers directly
  • Deepening customer relationships with better reach and closeness
  • Integrating products and categories automatically
  • Analyzing the performance of ad campaigns
  • Increasing selling ratio
  • Growing revenue

How to connect WooCommerce with Facebook?

We have included the guide to 3 plugins that you can use to connect both platforms.

  1. ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Feed for Facebook & Instagram
  2. Social Shop for WooCommerce
  3. Social Commerce for WooCommerce
  4. Facebook for WooCommerce plugin

Plugin 1: ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Feed for Facebook & Instagram

This plugin allows you to integrate Facebook Marketplace with your WooCommerce store and display your products to the right audience. Use the plugin feature to easily generate product feed and data from your online and feature those products on Facebook Marketplace. You can learn more about this plugin and how to use it on WooCommerce by visiting this article.

Plugin 2: StoreYa’s Social Shop for WooCommerce

You can easily create a Facebook store and connect it to WooCommerce with this plugin. It has various customization options for changing the look and feel of the store. You can also quickly import products, social network activities from Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube to Facebook in one click. Other features like the Group Deal tool for creating special deals for particular groups of people, the Like buttons, Twitter and YouTube tabs, etc also make it a perfect plugin to use. 

Plugin 3: Social Commerce by CedCommerce

Get this freemium plugin to integrate WooCommerce with Facebook Shop. You can quickly customize the color and language of the store, and auto-sync your catalog daily, weekly, or monthly. Interestingly, you find your store accessible from any iOS or Android device and your customers can make a purchase from Facebook Native IN-APP Browser. 

Plugin 4: Using Facebook for the WooCommerce plugin

  1. Open a new tab
  2. Log in to your WooCommerce account 
  3. Go to the Facebook for WooCommerce on WordPress.org
  4. Download the latest version of the extension


  1. Click on Plugins from the options given on the left hand 
  2. Select Add New from the drop-down menu
  3. Click Upload Plugin option
  4. Click Choose file and select the extension file that you downloaded earlier.
  5. Click the Install now button


  1. Activate the plugin
  2. You see the dashboard with a list of options for Marketing
  3. Select Facebook from the dropdown menu
  4. Click on Get started

Integrating Facebook For WooCommerce Plugin

Here you will see 3 options: Facebook Ads, Facebook Shop, and Instagram Shopping. 

  1. Select Facebook Shop 
  2. Select your Business Manager account (If you don’t have one, create it, as it is separate from a personal Facebook page with additional features to manage business assets).
  3. Click Continue and select the page where you want to display your WooCommerce products. 
  4. Click Continue and choose your desired product catalog. 

Simply follow the on-screen instructions and you will be asked to confirm your website and redirect you.

Done! That’s it, your WooCommerce store is successfully linked to your Facebook page. In the plugin dashboard, you can easily sync products, create product data sets, activate Facebook Messenger, and customize your Facebook ads.

How to Connect and Manage Facebook Commerce Manager

You can click the Catalog link provided above to open the Facebook Commerce Manager.

From the top left corner, you can change or switch between your Facebook pages that are already created or you can even link new pages. In the overview column, you can do the following.

View the latest announcements by the Commerce Manager, review any issues and see growth opportunities suggested by Facebook.

Below the catalog option, you can view, add or delete product items. 

  • From the Ads option, you can create traffic or dynamic ads that are provided by Facebook to reach more potential customers. 
  • In the Sales section, you can link your Instagram page and online shop.
  • The Settings option allows you to manage general settings, edit catalog, and edit business assets.

For exposure to a wide network, promotion of store and products, direct reach to followers, deepening of customer relationships, and many more benefits, we have curated the guide on how to connect WooCommerce to Facebook. To integrate both you can start by installing Facebook for WooCommerce following the above steps. Besides, don’t forget to read about other plugins like Facebook Pixels, StoreYa’s Shop to Facebook for WooCommerce, and Social media. If you still have any questions you can write a comment below.

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