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Weglot Review – Translate your WordPress Website Effortlessly

Weglot Review – Translate your WordPress Website Effortlessly


Translating a WordPress website could be a taxing job for many site owners. However, with automatic translation tools, this has become considerably easier. Automatic website translation solutions have made the job much easier for WordPress users. In this review, we will take a look at the popular translation tool Weglot, and explain how you can translate a WordPress website in a matter of minutes.

Weglot – An overview

Weglot is a popular translation tool that will help you translate your website automatically. It supports over 100 different languages, and makes translation management especially easy for website owners. One of the main advantages is that it is compatible with different website technologies and content management systems. So, your website could be built on Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, BigCommerce, or any other popular platform, you can still integrate this tool pretty easily.

Weglot is one of the most convenient ways to translate a WordPress website.

Weglot detects content automatically, and translates your site’s content, as well as content from media files and third party plugins. It has powerful translation management tools that will enable smooth collaborations with translators. Also, it ensures that your translated pages are indexed on search engines ensuring the visibility of translated pages.

Feature highlights

Here are some of the standout features of Weglot

  • Automatic website translation.
  • Works with different web technologies and content management systems.
  • Easy to install and no requirement of coding knowledge for setting up.
  • Automatically detects different types of content on a website.
  • Displays the same website content with language-specific urls.
  • Machine learning translation provided from leading translation providers like Microsoft, Google, DeepL, etc.
  • Easy to make edits to the translated content to be consistent with your brand’s voice.
  • Visual mode to easily make edits to different types of content including dynamic content.
  • Follows multilingual best practices by Google.
  • Automatically redirect a user to a language based on their browser language.
  • Translates landing pages, promotional pop ups and notifications to the customer’s language.
  • Private mode to edit translations without negative user experience.
  • Option to get help from professional translators.

How to set up Weglot on a WordPress site?

Now, let’s check how you can get started with Weglot on your WordPress website. The integration of Weglot with your WordPress website is made possible by the Weglot Translate plugin. This plugin will help you easily integrate Weglot on your site, and translate all types of content from WooCommerce product information to forms created by third party plugins.

The Weglot translate plugin helps you integrate Weglot with your WordPress site easily.

You can get started with the plugin just like you would for any other WordPress plugin. To get help to install and set up a WordPress plugin, please refer to our article – How to Install and Set Up a WordPress WooCommerce Plugin.

Once the plugin is installed and activated, you can configure it through the new section on the WordPress admin panel. On the Main configuration page, you can enter the API key, the main language of your website, and the languages you want to translate your site into.

You need to enter the API key to be able to use Weglot for translations.

To get the API key, you need to create an account with Weglot. It is an intuitive process, which you can manage easily on the Weglot website.

It is quite easy to create an account with Weglot.

Once you create an account with Weglot, you can create a new translation project and get the API key.

Copy the API key to the designated field on the Main configuration page.

Along with adding the API key, you can also add the languages to translate. For this demonstration, we are translating our demo WooCommerce store in English to French, Portuguese and Hindi.

You can add the languages you want to translate the site into and click the Save Changes button.

Once you save the settings, a popup message will be displayed indicating successful automatic translation.

When you set up the plugin, it will automatically translate your site.

You can go to the site’s frontend, and see a translation widget added to it with the option to select the desired language.

A translation widget will be visible on the site’s frontend.

How to edit translations manually?

Now, you have translated the website automatically. However, you will be able to edit all your translations through your Weglot dashboard. From the Main configuration page, you can click the Edit my translations button to access all your translations.

For the demo site, we can see the translations for French, Portuguese and Hindi.

All the available translations will be visible on the Weglot dashboard.

You can click any of these translations to see the English word and the corresponding word from the language it was translated into. If you want to make changes to the translations, you can make it here, by clicking in the box and making an edit. You can also choose to mark it as reviewed if you’re happy with the machine translation (note, it’s not necessary to do this, the machine translation will automatically display on your website unless you choose to switch this off).

The manual review option makes it easy to modify automatically translated content.

You can also use the visual editor to edit translations with a real-time preview of your website.

How to customize the language button?

Weglot also offers options to customize the language button displayed on the site’s frontend. You can select a specific language to be displayed as the button preview, and also check an option to display language options in a drop-down. There is also an option to enable the display of flags for each language, and options to choose different styles of flags. You can also hide the name of the language or choose to display the language code instead of the full name. Another option to customize the language button is to use custom CSS.

You can customize the button design from the WordPress admin panel.

There are options to change the button position as well. You can add a custom link for translation in the navigational menu by visiting WordPress >Appearance. There is also a Weglot widget that you can drag and drop to a preferred area on your website. Similarly, you can also use the Weglot shortcode to place the language chooser at your preferred location. Another option is to edit the source code of an HTML page to place the language button anywhere on that page.

You will find different options to modify the position of the language button.

How to redirect customers to a specific language website?

Weglot also offers an option to redirect customers to a specific language based on their browser language. For this, you need to check the option for Auto redirection from the Other Options section.

Here, you can also allow customers to search the website in the language they choose.

Automatically redirecting customers to their preferred language could improve customer experience on your store.

Weglot pricing

The Weglot Translate plugin in the WordPress repository is free to download. However, to be able to use the translation services, you need to sign up for an account with Weglot. There is a 10-day free trial, and you can use it for free even after the trial period if your project has only less than 2000 words. However, you will be able to translate only to one language using the free plan. You can opt for a paid plan for better support and multiple languages. We have summarized the paid pricing plans of Weglot in the below table:

Plan Price (€ per month) Major features
Free 0 1 translated language
2000 words
Limited support
Starter 9.90 1 translated language
10000 words
Visitor language redirection
Can access professional translators
Basic support
Business 19 3 translated languages
50000 words
Visitor language redirection
Can access professional translators
Basic support
Pro 49 5 translated languages
200000 words
Visitor language redirection
Can access professional translators
Translation requests statistics
Premium support
Advanced 199 10 translated languages
1000000 words
Visitor language redirection
Can access professional translators
Translation requests statistics
Translated URLs
Custom languages
Export & import
Premium support
Enterprise 499 Custom usage
Custom domain setup
Visitor language redirection
Can access professional translators
Translation requests statistics
Translated URLs
Custom languages
Export & import
Dedicated support with account manager and solution engineer
Weglot pricing plans

What do we think about Weglot?

Weglot is definitely one of the easiest options to translate a website. It offers automated machine translations, which you can easily edit to make modifications. Furthermore, the visual editor will help you ensure that the translations are looking perfect in all languages. Another interesting feature is that you can easily connect with professional translators at per-word rates. We tested the WordPress integration and found it to be intuitive and effortless to set up. If you are looking for an easy-to-manage translation tool for your WordPress site or WooCommerce store, look no further than Weglot.

We hope our review of Weglot will help you manage translations more easily. Do not hesitate to leave us a comment to share your opinion on the tool, and also if you have any queries.

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