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Become A Creator On The Divi Marketplace

Become A Creator On The Divi Marketplace

Creating A Centralized Repository Of Divi Resources

Today we are excited to announce that we will soon be launching an official Divi Marketplace here on elegantthemes.com. This will be a place where Divi creators from around the world can build and sell Divi Extensions, Child Themes and Layout Packs or give them away for free. Think of it like the WordPress.org repository or the iPhone App Store, except just for Divi. Today we are opening up the marketplace for creators to sign up and submit their products for review.

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The Importance Of Community & Building A Platform

We are big believers in the power of community. Divi has become more than just a piece of software. It has evolved into a much bigger ecosystem. There are Divi tutorial websites, Divi podcasts, Divi Facebook groups, Divi courses, Divi meetups, and of course, third party Divi products. This ecosystem is incredibly important as it provides so much value to the community, and it’s our mission to help it grow. Divi’s success as a platform is dependent on the success of these community-driven ventures.

Last year we launched Divi 3.1 and the developer API, and since then we have seen some really great Divi extensions being developed. We have taken every opportunity to promote these efforts on our blog and social media because we want them to be successful. The Divi Marketplace takes those efforts to the next level.

Anyone Can Create Divi Modules For The Community!

We built the Divi developer API to be easy to use and extendable. This API allows developers to create Divi modules that work great in the Visual Builder. If you are interested in building Divi modules to help your fellow Divi users, then be sure to take a look at our Divi developer tutorial series. We also created a Create Divi Extension utility that will help you jumpstart your own custom Divi modules.

Helping Divi Creators And Users Navigate The Ecosystem

For Divi customers, the marketplace will provide you with a centralized hub of the best third party Divi products from around the web. Since Elegant Themes will be reviewing each product and enforcing quality guidelines, as well as providing our 30 day money back guarantee, you will be able to download these products with confidence.

For creators, the Divi Marketplace provides a unique opportunity to place your products in front of the passionate Divi user base and to be rewarded for spending the time to create valuable extensions, child themes and layouts. Elegant Themes will handle all billing support, transaction costs, chargeback fees, product updates, downloads and licensing so that it’s easy for you to get your products out there and into the world for all to enjoy.

In the end, we all benefit from a strong Divi ecosystem. When you download a third party product on the Divi Marketplace, you are supporting that creator and empowering them to spend even more of their time building amazing resources for the community.

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