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Introducing the Brand New Divi Nation Meetup Network

Introducing the Brand New Divi Nation Meetup Network

We are proud to announce the next evolution of Divi Community: the Divi Nation Meetup Network. This network is designed to provide a touch of central organization to an otherwise globally distributed community of web designers, developers, and DIYers using Divi.

Before today we’ve attempted to organize all of our Meetups around the world via our standard Meetup account. Unfortunately, this has some serious limitations. The biggest one being that because our current standard account has its location in San Francisco, California all meetups organized in different cities (by us or community members) are listed in Pacific Standard Time. This has definitely caused its share of confusion for us and meetup attendees in the past–but no more!

And that’s just the beginning of how this will improve the Divi Meetup experience. But before I dive into that, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page.

What Is the Divi Nation Meetup Network?

The Divi Nation Meetup Network is a Meetup Pro account that allows us to link local meetup groups about Divi from all over the world into one, digitally centralized, network. By linking existing Meetup groups to our Pro account we’re able to track global growth and engagement, communicate with all event hosts from one place, and more easily share resources we’ve created for local organizers to use. And best of all, the local group account functions exactly as it’s supposed to 🙂

How to Join the Network

If you already have a Meetup Group for local Divi Meetups or want to start one, the first step is simply to email me at nathan[at]elegantthemes.com. I will share our Meetup Event Host Handbook with you and we will work together to get your local Divi Meetup Group both launched and linked to our new network. Easy as that!

Note: if you’ve already reach out to me in the past about this, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you! Until we set up this Pro account there wasn’t much we could do globally with our single San Francisco group. Now that this exists, I’ll be reaching out to all of our past event host volunteers and linking your local groups with our new network. Thank you in advance for your patience!

What to Expect Moving Forward

In the coming months you can expect:

  • Ongoing updates on the growth and engagement of our new global network of local Meetup groups.
  • New resources for local Meetup organizers.
  • A lot more local meetup events (hopefully) near you!

See You Out There!

For some of you this has been a long time coming. Thank you so much for your continued interest in hosting local Divi Meetups. Its definitely unfortunate that until now our lack of experience with Meetup resulted in some confusion and false starts. We learn new things all the time too!

Now that the technical hurdle of trying to use one local group to organize Meetups all over the world is behind us, I’m excited to see the next chapter in Divi Community unfold. See you out there!

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