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Developers Rejoice! Introducing Better Code Editing For Divi

Developers Rejoice! Introducing Better Code Editing For Divi

Today we have an exciting update for developers who use custom CSS and custom code in Divi. When building a page in the Divi Builder, every part of every module can be customized using your own CSS rules. In addition, custom code can be added to your page and to various parts of your website using the Divi Theme Options. Today, we are greatly enhancing the code editing experience in Divi with the addition of a fully-featured code editor that makes writing and editing code so much easier and enjoyable. Enhancements include syntax highlighting, error reporting, autocomplete, color picking, multi-line select, search, find and replace and more!

For Custom CSS, Code Modules
And Theme Options

Today we are improving the code editing experience for Divi in several locations. Within the Visual Builder, you will now experience improved code editing when adding custom CSS to your modules as well as when adding custom CSS to your page. You will also experience improved code editing when writing custom code in Code Modules and when using both the custom CSS and integration settings in the Divi Theme Options.

Smart Syntax Highlighting

Custom CSS and custom Code in the Visual Builder and the Divi Theme Options now feature rich syntax highlighting that makes it much easier to read and understand. Everything your write will be color coded and formatted automatically, and all lines will also be numbered for your reference. This makes writing and editing your code so much easier!

Warning And Error Reporting

Adding custom code to your website comes with the responsibility to write code that is valid and error free. Syntax errors in your custom HTML or CSS can cause a lot of problems if left unchecked, and even the most experienced developers make mistakes. That’s why we are really excited to introduce automatic warning messages and error reporting to Divi. When you write custom code in the Visual Builder or the Divi Theme Options, Divi will automatically detect any problems and let you know how to fix them.

Autocomplete And Suggestions

Writing custom code is a lot faster now thanks to smart autocomplete and suggestions. Tags will now be closed automatically as you write them and suggested values will be displayed as you add new variables and properties, speeding up your workflow.

Easy Color Picking

Color pickers will automatically appear for all color values inside the new code editor. You can use these color pickets to explore color options, or you can just type in your desired color value.


You can use Ctrl+Click and Alt+Drag to enable multi-selecting. This allows you to select multiple lines or multiple values at once so that you can make quick batch adjustments.

Search, Find And Replace

The new code editor comes with built in search functionality that you can use to quickly locate specific pieces of code. You can also find and replace value if you need to make sweeping adjustments across the entire document,

More Custom CSS Options

We went through every Divi module, row and section and made sure that custom CSS options were available for every major element. We filled the gaps and added over a dozen new settings that will make it easier to customize the appearance of each Divi module using your own CSS styles.

More Features, But Faster Load Times!

Every time we add a new feature to the Divi Builder, the builder itself gets a little bit bigger. We aren’t talking about the load times of your website on the front end, we are talking about how long it takes for the Visual Builder interface to spin up once you start editing your page.

In this update, we spent a lot of time optimizing how the Visual Builder app is bundled together and how each part of the application is loaded to help reduce the time it takes for the builder to launch. By splitting up the application into separate chunks and lazy-loading in necessary elements on demand (invisibly in the background), we were able to reduce the size of the Visual Builder by 35% and significantly reduce load times. That means you get all of these new code editing enhancements without sacrificing anything at all 🙂

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