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7 Premium Divi Layouts for Beauty Websites

7 Premium Divi Layouts for Beauty Websites

Divi is a popular theme for beauty and fashion websites. There are lots of beauty and fashion websites made with Divi to help spark your imagination and several child themes to get your site started quickly. There are also lots of layouts available if you don’t want to build from the ground up or use a child theme. The advantage of layouts is you can use them with any theme and you can use as much or as little of the layout design as you want.

7 Premium Divi Layouts for Beauty Websites

If you’re looking for Divi layouts to build a website for beauty business, such as a beauty salons or blogs, you’re in luck. There are several gorgeous premium layouts to get you started. In this article we’ll take a look at 7 premium Divi layouts for beauty. The layouts are in no particular order.

Hang around until the end for a bonus: a free fashion layout from Elegant Themes.

1. Beauty Single Page Layout for Divi

Beauty Single Page Layout for Divi was designed with blogging in mind. The header displays a full-screen slider. Post categories are displayed within a multi-column layout (showing three categories per row and two alternating rows) with images, overlays, and buttons. An About Me section shows an image with an overlapping text module. The blog section displays the latest three posts and uses shadow effects for the blog cards. Also included is a section with a styled email optin and a contact section that includes a styled contact form over a background image.

Price: $11 | More Information

2. Amalia O. For Divi

Amalia O. For Divi is a one-page layout with stylists in mind, but can work for any type of business. It has large alternating sections with images and text and border effects for the modules. A slider displays text within an overlay. The shop section highlights products by displaying SHOP within a background in parallax to help draw attention to the shop module. A project section displays projects with border effects. A small contact form is placed within the footer over an image. The layout uses soft colors that are perfectly suited to the beauty genre.

Price: $25 | More Information

3. Curls in Heaven

Curls in Heaven  is a one-page layout designed for hair dressers and beauty salons. It displays the logo over a full-screen background with appointment CTA (call to action). The menu shows a styled pattern background that continues throughout the page. Work is shown through an image montage with border shadow effects. Hours are shown within an overlay. The team is shown with images and overlapping text. Pricing is displayed in overlays and use hover effects. The contact form also uses shadow effects for the border. This layout makes great use of color.

Price: $20 | More Information

4. Salon Single Page Layout for Divi

Salon is a one-page layout designed for beauty salons. It includes a hero section with overlapping text module to display a tagline. The next section displays two image modules with an overlapping text module and CTA. A background image is shown in parallax as you scroll to the next section. Services are displayed as images with links. Also included are styled person modules, an image gallery, and a styled contact section that includes a background, styled contact form, and social follow buttons.

Price: $11 | More Information

5. Hair Salon

Hair Salon is a one-page layout with a second menu that displays the logo, phone number and appointment CTA button. The full-screen header shows a tagline and CTA with a background image in parallax that serves as the background for four sections with different overlays for each. Services are shown within styled toggles. A multi-column section displays services with images and text modules for prices. It includes several full-width CTA’s. The map doesn’t scroll on hover and shows a message in an overlay of how to scroll the map. This layout makes elegant use of color, fonts, and images.

Price: $8 | More Information

6. OPL Salon

OPL Salon was designed for salons and spas. It comes with five pages including a home (which can be used as a one-page website if you want), services, testimonials, appointments, and blog. The team members are highlighted with photos with text and a button in an overlay. Services are shown within an alternating grid of images and text using true parallax. The pages use full-width or full-screen images with page titles in overlays. The appointments page uses a map rather than an image. The layout makes great use of large fonts for headings and matching colors throughout.

Price: $28 | More Information

7. Spa Single Page Layout for Divi

Spa Single Page Layout for Divi was designed for beauty spas with a specific focus on bridal beauty. The layout places a heading with two CTA’s above the image. The next section displays two columns with an image and text with CTA. Packages are shown within blurbs over a parallax background. Services are shown as images, descriptions, and include a button. Contact information and a styled contact form are placed over a background image in parallax.

Price: $11 | More Information

Bonus: Free Fashion Layout Pack from Elegant Themes

The free Fashion Layout Pack from Elegant Themes includes 8 pages and lots of royalty-free images to build a fashion website. It can also be used for blogs, business, eCommerce, and more. It’s a clean design with lots of overlapping images, alternating sections, and styled modules. The pink backgrounds and images are perfect for any type of website that focuses on beauty.

Price: Free | More Information

Ending Thoughts

Well that’s a look at 7 premium Divi layouts that are perfect for any type of beauty website including salons, spas, and even online stores. Most are one-page layouts but include lots of styled sections. They have clean designs so your visitors will focus on your products or services. These are excellent layouts to get a quick start on your next Divi design.

If you’d like your own design considered please feel free to email our editor at nathan at elegant themes dot com. Be sure to make the subject of the email PREMIUM DIVI LAYOUT SUBMISSION or FREE DIVI LAYOUT SUBMISSION depending on the type of layout you’re submitting. We can’t wait to see your layouts!

We’d also like to hear from you in the comments! Tell us what you like about these layouts and if there is anything they’ve done you want us to teach on the blog.

Featured Image via SkyPics Studio / shutterstock.com

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