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2017: Fostering The Most Empowered Community On The Web – Divi Nation Short

2017: Fostering The Most Empowered Community On The Web – Divi Nation Short

Earlier today we went over what 2016 was like for us here at Elegant Themes. In this post, and this episode of Divi Nation, I’m sharing what we plan to do in 2017. It’s going to be a massive year! Take a look!

2017: Fostering The Most Empowered Community on the Web – Divi Nation Short


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Our primary goal, when 2017 is all said and done, is to have fostered what believe can become “The Most Empowered Community on the Web”.

Here’s what we plan to do in pursuit of that goal.

1. The Divi Developer Release

This project has been something we’ve been talking about for a while but the developmental follow-up tasks to launching Divi 3.0—such as squashing bugs and resolving various compatibility issues has delayed it. But rest assured, our next big dev project is the Developer Release.

This release will come with loads of improvements to the underlying code of the Divi framework as well as provide all new developer documentation that will make the jobs of third party Divi developers much easier.

2. Core Product Updates

As I hope all of our members know, we have developed core “family” of products built around Divi. There is the Divi Theme itself; Extra, our magazine theme built on the Divi Framework; the Divi Builder Plugin; and our two complimentary plugins: Bloom and Monarch. Bloom being our email optin plugin and Monarch our social sharing plugin.

If you’re not using them, you should, because they’re awesome.

Now we, of course, keep all of these products up to date with regular minor releases. But it’s been a while since we did across the board code cleanup and feature updates. Getting that done is a big goal we’ve set for 2017.

Which brings us to what is probably our biggest item on the 2017 agenda.

3. The Divi Marketplace (Or whatever we end up calling it)

This one is huge. And it’s central to our goal of fostering the most empowered community on the web.

With Divi, we’ve seen so many people design websites who never thought of themselves as web designers or developers. And some of them, felt so confident in their new abilities that they went and started businesses selling their services as Divi web designers and developers!

It’s been amazing to watch and to cheer them on with new tips, tutorials, and resources that help them master there craft.

And I’m not the only one who think’s so!

Over the last year and a half we’ve seen another group. Smaller but growing rapidly. And they’re people creating Divi Child Themes, Divi Layout Packs, and Divi Plugins that the rest of the community can use to extend the awesomeness of Divi beyond what we’ve done here at Elegant Themes.

We hope that by creating a centralized marketplace that lends our reach to third party Divi developers we’ll be supercharging the Divi economy. Resulting in a whole new kind of career opportunity for Divi users.

4. Meetups

2016 was full of fantastic in-person community experiences. Through WordCamps we got to meet and become closer with around 80 passionate community members. But I have a feeling that it was just a hint of what is to come next.

In 2017 our goal is to create Meetup resources for local hosts all over the world to throw Divi Nation Meetup events. We want to make it possible for all 385,000+ Elegant Themes members to have the kind of special in-person experiences that roughly 80 of us got to have this year.

5. Free Daily Divi Resources

Finally, 2017 will be our first full year of creating and giving away free divi resources every day.

If all goes well that will mean 365 new, free divi resources come December 31st, 2017. If that sounds good to you, then simply stay tuned to our blog, YouTube, and social channels.

Particularly Facebook where we not only post everything but also plan to do more live Divi training and events—which we dabbled in a bit here at the end of 2016.

Let’s Do 2017 Together!

As you can see, we’re really excited about 2017 and we hope you are too. We’re really looking forward to sharing another great year with the entire community.

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