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10 Awesome Third-Party Divi Plugins

10 Awesome Third-Party Divi Plugins

Welcome to Day 83 of our Divi 100 Marathon. Keep tuning in for 100 days in a row of awesome Divi resources as we count down to the amazing release of Divi 3.0 on the final day of the series!

I think you’ll agree that Divi is an amazing WordPress theme. Even amazing themes can be expanded through plugins. While any theme can make use of plugins, Divi is special in that there are lots of plugins made specifically for it.

The Divi community has enhanced and expanded Divi in a lot of interesting ways. Many of those enhancements are available as third-party plugins. In this article I take a look at 10 of the best plugins that were made specifically for the Divi platform.

I’ve included a bonus plugin at the end that, although not specifically for Divi, adds a feature to Bloom that I can’t live without. So, here are 10 awesome third-party plugins for Divi in no particular order plus a bonus plugin for Bloom.

1. Divi Booster

Divi Booster

Divi Booster adds more than 50 configurable options to Divi. All of the tips and tricks from the Divi Booster website come together to create this plugin. Features are added on a regular basis.

Options allow you to change the look of just a single page while leaving the others untouched, keep the header from shrinking on scroll, change the height of a slider, change the logo link, make a slider image a clickable link, and lots more. Layout customizations allow you to place image above the header, add a sticky widget area, and make the main content overlap the header when using the box layout.

Footer customizations allow you to replace the footer text with your own text or HTML and center the theme info links. It also includes a CSS manager, developer tools, and it even enables the Divi Builder on custom post types.

Key features:

  • Adds over 50 configurable options
  • Free updates
  • Author takes requests for features
  • Pre-compiles and minifies its own CSS and JavaScript code
  • Features are easy to enable or disable as desired
  • Use on unlimited sites including clients
  • 60 day money back guarantee

Price: $19 | More Information

2. Divi Switch

Divi Switch

Divi Switch from Divi.Space adds features to Divi in the form of toggles. It adds over 50 toggles to your dashboard which gives you around 100 visual customizations and thousands of combinations. Customizations include filters, animations, breakpoints, mobile menus, transitions, section separators, multiple image aspect ratios, custom buttons, and lots more.

You can hide the footer, center your top menu items, add animations to blurb icons, enlarge your header info, remove a counter when it hits zero, stop the lightbox activity, and lots more. It includes special code box styles and styles for Contact Form 7.

Key features:

  • 50 toggles
  • 100 customizations
  • Animations
  • Mobile menus on desktop
  • App style menu
  • Remove menu and sidebar lines and drop shadow
  • Unlimited sites for your own use

Price: $22 | More Information

3. Aspen Footer Editor

Aspen Footer Editor

Aspen Footer Editor is a Divi and Extra WYSIWYG editor from Aspen Grove Studios that makes it easy to modify the global footer. You can modify text, add media such as images and video, links, and other content using the TinyMCE editor just like the regular visual editor for creating posts or pages. It includes the text tab so you can add HTML and CSS styling so you can change the background color, font style, font color, size, text, etc.

They’ve included a few examples of styling that you can modify to help get you started. You can also add third-party shortcodes just like you would in the standard editor. Once you create a footer you don’t have to select it. It’s automatically used globally across your website.

Key features:

  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Date auto-updates
  • Insert links
  • Add media
  • Social media icons and links
  • Add hyperlinks on videos
  • Link to documentation on screen
  • Works with Divi and Extra
  • Unlimited websites

Price: $13 | More Information

4. Custom Fullwidth Header Extended Module

Custom Fullwidth Header Extended Module

Fullwidth Header Extended adds lots of customizations to the header including animations and effects. It adds a module to the Divi Builder with dozens of customizations within the standard Divi Builder module tabs that we’re already use to.

You can have solid or transparent backgrounds with various effects for each including gradients and particles, multiple text effects running at the same time, subheading location options, and lots more. Style the title, subheading, and content to your liking. Even the individual buttons can have their own animation and styling effects.

The header has a full-screen feature that’s toggled with a single button click which simplifies using full screen images or videos. Choose to have a scroll down button and select an included icon or upload an image of your own for the icon.

Key features:

  • 3 title effects
  • 3 background effects
  • Typing effect
  • 49 Animations
  • Rotator effects
  • Textillate effect
  • Subheading before or after title
  • Custom image or icon for scroll
  • Use on unlimited sites for you and clients
  • 1 year updates
  • 6 months support

Price: $12 | More Information

5. Page Builder Everywhere

Page Builder Everywhere

Page Builder Everywhere from Divi.Space adds new Page Builder sections to the standard Divi Builder. You can place sections above or below the menu, above or below the footer, and in the sidebar. It integrates into Divi Builder and includes the same customizations, and it works exactly like the Divi Builder so no extra training is needed.

Anything that can be placed into a normal section can be placed into the header, footer, or sidebars, giving you more locations to place module content such as maps, images, galleries, counters, contact forms, comments, blog, testimonial, code, shop, and more. This is a great way to place forms, notifications, CTA’s, and more in locations we don’t normally have access to.

Key features:

  • Adds 5 Page Builder sections
  • Works the same as Divi Page Builder
  • Includes standard customizer settings
  • Works with pages, posts, and projects
  • Responsive
  • Use on unlimited sites including clients

Price: $10 | More Information

6. Migrate Divi Theme Settings

Migrate Divi Theme Settings

Migrate Divi Theme Settings is a free plugin from Divi.Space that simplifies saving and moving theme settings. This is great tool for developers and child theme designers as it makes it easier for them to package their work. You can even create multiple options and allow users to choose which options they want to install.

It adds a link in the Divi menu and gives you two choices:

  • Upload File
  • Download Data

Even if you don’t want to migrate your website’s settings, Migrate Divi Theme Settings provides a great way backup your settings in case you need it. It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Key features:

  • One click backup and restore
  • Move settings from one site to another
  • Create multiple options for users to choose from
  • Saves all theme data

Price: Free | More Information

7. Divi Ghoster

Divi Ghoster

Divi Ghoster from Aspen Grove Studios is a white labeling plugin that allows you to replace Divi and Elegant Themes’ branding with your own brand on the backend of WordPress. This even includes the Page Builder and theme options. You can replace the logo, favicon, colors, and more.

Everything to do with Divi will be completely hidden including all Divi-specific plugins. It even hides Divi from theme detectors. It not only hides Divi from clients but also from others that want to know what tools you’re using.

The plugin’s admin panel will also be hidden. The documentation includes instructions to get back to the Divi Ghoster admin panel if you need to. It’s easy to access and you can turn this feature off if you want.

Edit the login screen using the extensive login screen editor. Customization are done through a new tab that’s added to the Theme Customizer called Login Customizer. From here you can use a background image, choose the form alignment, choose a logo, and adjust the colors of the background, links, form, button, and more.

Key features:

  • Add your own branding
  • Hide Divi source code from theme detectors
  • Rename Divi
  • Customize the WordPress login screen
  • Hide the Divi Ghoster plugin
  • Hide Divi specific plugins
  • Automatic updates
  • Use on unlimited websites

Price: $15 | More Information

8. Divi and Extra Layout Injector

Divi and Extra Layout Injector

Divi and Extra Layout Injector from Tortious IT allows you to inject layouts with modules in many locations on your website. The layouts are global so you can have the same header and footer on every page, but you can also exclude pages if you want. You can place layouts above or below the header, above or below the footer, and under posts. The layouts can be anything you’ve created or downloaded from Elegant Themes or other websites.

It includes a WYSIWYG footer editor. Shortcodes are included to provide the date and name of your website. You can also add media such as images and video, CSS for your own styling, third party shortodes, and enable advanced markup which lets you add complex layouts via HTML.

It also has a 404 page injector. You can create the page separately and choose it from a list, or you can select a premade Divi layout that you’ve added to the Divi library. Either method allows you to build the 404 page with the Divi Builder.

Key features:

  • Place global layouts into multiple locations
  • Choose layouts from drop-down boxes
  • Exclude pages
  • 404 Layout Injector
  • WYSIWYG footer editor
  • Works with Divi and Extra

Price: $11 | More Information

9. Divi Dashboard Welcome

Divi Dashboard Welcome

Divi Dashboard Welcome from Divi Life gives you control over the WordPress dashboard welcome screen, allowing you to create your own page. Being able to customize this screen means you can brand the dashboard for you or your clients. You can use this space to upsell your services, provide links and videos, create a support area, and lots more.

Anything you can create with the Divi Builder can be displayed on the dashboard. 5 layouts are included to help you get started.

Even though the dashboard screen is created as a page it can’t be deleted like a regular page can. It can only be deleted after the plugin is uninstalled. This keeps you or your clients from accidently deleting the dashboard page. The page itself is kept private so visitors or Google don’t have access to it.

Clients can dismiss the welcome screen if they want. It doesn’t overwrite the original layout. Instead, your home screen is placed above the original content. Links in your content can be opened within the dashboard or as a normal link.

Another interesting feature is it can use Divi Leads’ a/b split testing. You can enable it on your own site if you have a team and see which elements they respond to the best, and you can enable it on your clients’ websites for support and sales info, and to test offers, styles, etc.

Key features:

  • Develop your own dashboard using the Divi Builder
  • Add modules
  • Add your own branding
  • While label
  • 5 layouts included
  • Works with Divi and Extra

Price: $22 | More Information

10. A Mobile Friendly Divi/Extra Page Builder

A Mobile Friendly Divi and Extra Page Builder

A Mobile Friendly Divi/Extra Page Builder from Noou organizes both Divi and Extra to make the Builder more usable on mobile devices. The reason this is needed is the Divi Builder doesn’t fit mobile screens that well. The elements of the Divi Page Builder overlap on mobile screen, making it difficult to arrange pages and layouts easily.

This plugin solves that problem by rearranging the layout and placing the sections, rows, and modules in the best layout possible for small screens. If you use Divi or Extra on a mobile device this plugin is a must-have if you want to work more efficiently (and I know you do).

Key features:

  • Arranges the layout to fit mobile screens
  • Works on Divi and Extra
  • Manual updates

Price: $14 | More Information

BONUS – Bloom Redirect

BONUS - Bloom Redirect

Bloom Redirect of course isn’t a Divi plugin, but it’s so useful that I didn’t want to leave it off the list. It allows you to set up redirection URL’s for your Bloom forms. Using it is simple – just enter in the URL you want you users to be redirected to. This way you can send them to any page you want. This is useful is you’re giving them a free download or a thank you page.

Key features:

  • Setup redirects for Bloom forms
  • Can be used on all client sites
  • 6 months support

Price: $18 | More Information

Final Thoughts

Well that’s 10 awesome plugins that add amazing features to Divi. Some are simple and provide only a single feature while others are more complex and offer a lot more features. All are reasonably priced and I’ve found them easy to use. Sometimes they’ve added features I didn’t even know I needed. I’d like to say a special thank you to those developers that made these plugins possible.

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