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The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 15 – Building & Launching Productized Services with Tim Strifler

The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 15 – Building & Launching Productized Services with Tim Strifler

In this episode of Divi Nation (our last of the first season!) we sit down with Divi Community Member and Entrepreneur Tim Strifler. We talk about building and launching productized services with WordPress and Divi. Something Tim has a good deal of experience with.

Currently, Tim has one such service under his belt and is in the process of building his second. As part of this process he created a list of hard earned lessons he’s had to learn (so far) and we walk through them one by one.

This episode is a note-taker, so grab a pen or pull up a doc and let’s dive in!

Divi Nation 15: Building & Launching Productized Services with Tim Strifler


Productized services are a topic that has made brief appearances in a few of our previous episodes. It seemed appropriate to spend more time on it this season because one of the primary themes has been entrepreneurship. In this episode Tim Strifler generously shares from his successes and his failures to help anyone looking to build something with WordPress and Divi see the road ahead a bit clearer.

I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as we did. And if you’d like to make sure you can easily watch or listen to future episodes of Divi Nation (as well as our entire archive), please take a moment and use one of the subscription options we’ve provided below.

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In this edition of This Week in WordPress guest host Tim Strifler and I talk about how to add recurring revenue to your business, what it means to be a WordPress Developer, and the frustrating things WordPress professionals are tired of hearing from clients.

Building & Launching Productized Services with Tim Strifler

In this interview Tim shares eight hard earned lessons he learned through the process of building and launching his first productized service using WordPress and Elegant Themes.

Divi Quick Tip #11: How to Style Divi’s Dot Navigation

In this Divi Quick Tip I show you how to style the dot navigation on Divi pages and sliders. You can use the code below to follow along.

/* Side Nav Background */
ul.et_pb_side_nav {
	background: rgba(195,0,0,0.99);

/* Side Dot Nav Link */
ul.et_pb_side_nav .side_nav_item a {
	background-color: #FFF;

/* Side Dot Nav Link (Active) */
ul.et_pb_side_nav .side_nav_item a.active {
	background-color: #02AD0F !important;

/*Slider Dot Nav Styling*/
.et-pb-controllers .et-pb-active-control {
    background-color: #fff;
.et-pb-controllers .et-pb-active-control {
    background-color: #02AD0F !important;

Production Notes

As always, below is the list of the software and gear used to create Divi Nation.

I think this episode both looked and sounded pretty good. However there is always room to improve and when it comes to production there is almost always a new problem to solve. This episode it was significant audio drift–causing the video and audio to come unsynced pretty dramatically. The culprit? Brief low bandwidth during recording.

You’ll notice it about halfway through the interview portion. Tim is giving an answer to one of my questions and some audio distortions begin and then get progressively worse for about 10-15 seconds. It was at that point that we stopped. Figured out the my internet speed had dipped. Waited for it to come back up to normal. And all was good.

What’s funny about this is that you can have all the right software, gear, and techniques but something can and will happen. And you just have to make the best of it. In a way I feel like each and every episode of the first season has been the MVP (minimum viable product) that I was capable of producing that week. I expect this to stay more or less the same going forward, but the difference being that each week that MVP will get better and better as I learn and create more.

Thank you all so much for watching and/or listening to the first season of Divi Nation. If you have any production related questions or comments I’m always up for talking shop in the comments section below.

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