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The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 5 – Building an Effective Personal Brand with Phil Simon

The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 5 – Building an Effective Personal Brand with Phil Simon

In this episode of Divi Nation we sit down with tech consultant, author, and speaker Phil Simon to talk about what it takes to build an effective personal brand. Our interview and discussion focuses on three key areas: establishing authority, projecting a relevant (and genuine) persona, as well as gauging audience perception.

Divi Nation Episode 05: Building an Effective Personal Brand with Phil Simon


After spending some time with Phil, it’s no mystery why he’s considered a great writer and public speaker. He’s got a great interview presence and he was a pleasure to talk to. I’m confident you’ll enjoy our conversation whether you choose to watch or listen to it.

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Building an Effective Personal Brand with Phil Simon

If you’d like to watch just the interview, this video is for you. Phil Simon shares from his person experience of building an effective personal brand. Between being featured on The Harvard Business Review, CNN, Wired, NBC, CNBC, Inc. Magazine, BusinessWeek, Huffington Post, Quartz, The New York Times, Fox News, and many other sites he is obviously doing something right. See what he has to say on the subject.

Divi Quick Tip 03: How to Stop Logo & Menu Shrink When Scrolling

One of the most asked questions in our support forums and on social media is: how do I stop the logo and menu section from shrinking when I scroll down the page? Thankfully, the fix is really simple and we show you how to do it in this video. No coding required.

Divi Plugin Highlight 02: Best Slider Plugins to Pair with Divi

Another frequently asked question is: what slider do you recommend for pairing with Divi?

The short answer is that it depends. It depends on whether you want or need something extremely quick and simple or something a bit more robust and powerful. In this Divi Plugin Highlight we highlight three plugins that range from extremely simple (and free) to robust (and premium).

Big thanks to those in the Divi Community who shared their plugin suggestions and example sites:

Production Notes

The new gear is here! Testing has commenced! Next episode (with Geno Quiroz) will be the last episode that uses the following list of software/gear:

Starting with my recording this week with Andrew Palmer I will begin incorporating some of the new equipment. Which includes new mics, cameras, lighting, and more. The amount of new gear used this week really depends on how well setup and testing goes.

When I finally get everything set up the way I want, not only will I begin using it but that week’s production notes will include some behind the scenes videos to show you exactly what I’m using and how for each segment of the show.

As always, if you have any production related questions feel free to drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to talk shop.

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