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The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 02 – Unlocking the Good Life with Divi ft. David Blackmon

The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 02 – Unlocking the Good Life with Divi ft. David Blackmon

We’re back this week with our second episode of Divi Nation. This time around we’ve got even more segments for you to watch, listen, and enjoy. Including our very first installments of “This Week in WordPress”, “Plugin Highlight”, and “Divi Design Challenge”. I had a great time putting this episode together and I hope you enjoy it just as much!

Don’t forget, you can watch/listen to the full episode here in the top section of the post or watch any of the shorter segments individually in the sections below.

Divi Nation Episode 02: Unlocking the Good Life with Divi featuring David Blackmon


In this episode of Divi Nation guest host David Blackmon of Aspen Grove Studios and I talk about his journey as a WordPress entrepreneur using Divi and what taking that career leap has meant for him. Along the way we talk about the WordPress Rest API, developing plugins, WooCommerce, and more.

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This Week in WordPress 01

In this, our first edition of This Week in WordPress, David and I talk about what the future of WordPress might look like with the adoption of the REST API into core, lessons learned from writing premium WordPress plugins, and how intimidating it was for him to start using WooCommerce (but also how it was totally worth it).

Articles We Discussed:

David Blackmon’s Divi Story

In case you don’t want to watch the full episode and just want to watch David and I talk about his journey with WordPress, this is the video segment for you.

We chose the name for this episode, Unlocking the Good Life with Divi, because for David success with Divi has meant that he is now able to do things with his life that were not previously possible. And he’s loving it.

Divi Quick Tip 02: How to Manually Edit the Divi Footer Credits

In this Divi Quick Tip I show you two different methods for manually editing the footer credits of Divi–the proper way; so that they stay changed. This is something that you’ll probably want to do on every single Divi website you operate, so don’t miss this tip!

Tools & Resources Mentioned:

Plugin Highlight 01: The Divi Footer Plugin

In this plugin highlight we feature a plugin created by Aspen Grove Studios (David Blackmon’s studio) called Divi Footer Editor. This simple little plugin allows you to make all kinds of creative edits to the footer credit area of Divi with the standard WordPress WYSIWYG editor. Check it out!

Divi Design Challenge 01: The Divi Footer

If you’ve got a project you want some eyeballs on, try participating in our very first Divi Design Challenge. We will feature the winners in a blog post here at Elegant Themes in two weeks! Watch the video for submission details.

Production Notes

For those who like to follow along with how Divi Nation is made each week, I’m back again with some more production notes. This week, the big game changer for me was workflow.


I learned a lot from the process of creating episode one. The biggest lesson being an old one that I kind of forgot about in my enthusiasm to dive into a new project.

Always work from a detailed script.

Even if it takes longer to get into editing to get a full interview transcript and create detailed scripts of the dialogue, b-roll, graphics, and titles–it is 100% worth it. By hitting the editing room without ever having to wonder what my next step was supposed to be (just follow the script) I was able to cut my editing time in half! Maybe more.

And in addition to that big time saver, I was able to incorporate more shortcuts and bin organization in Premieire than I knew at the start of the first episode and things really zipped along.

Another area that dramatically improved was the exporting and uploading process.

Pro Tip: if you are planning to upload content over night, make sure your computer’s sleep settings are only putting your display asleep. If your computer falls asleep, it doesn’t actually upload anything.

Oh, and 5mb/s upload makes a world of difference compared to 1mb/s!


Once again, we used the following tools to create every element of Divi Nation:

I’m not entirely sure what episode this will occur on, but I’ve been working with Nick and co. at the home offices and we’re in the process of acquiring and testing some great studio quality gear to improve the production quality of the show. I’m looking forward to making the show a little better each week and telling you all exactly how we did it (and with what gear).

If there is anything about the production process you’re curious about, please feel free to leave me a question in the comments below.

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We are looking for Divi enthusiasts to co-host Divi Nation each week. If you are interested in sharing your experience with the Divi community, be sure to submit your application below so that we can get in touch! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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