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A Sneak Peek At Divi 2.5, And An Update To The Divi Production Timeline

A Sneak Peek At Divi 2.5, And An Update To The Divi Production Timeline

You might be asking yourself: Divi 2.5? Wait, I thought The Divi Builder Plugin was next on the production timeline? You’re right, we originally planned to release The Divi Builder Plugin before Divi 2.5. After some thought, we flip-flopped and decided it would better serve everyone if we rolled our framework updates into Divi 2.5 first, while at the same time continuing to focus on the various Divi bug fixes and improvements requested by the community. We want to make Divi absolutely perfect before expanding it into plugin form.

As mentioned in our previous post, we are building a unified Divi framework that will be shared among Divi, The Divi Builder Plugin and our future themes, and each update to the Divi Builder is a culmination of our progress towards each of those goals. We are making big progress on all fronts!

After Divi 2.5 has been released, The Divi Builder Plugin will follow suite shortly after. Keep reading, because we have some other exciting announcements about the new features that Divi 2.5 and The Divi Builder Plugin will include!

So What’s Divi 2.5 All About?

Divi 2.5 will do a lot things. First of all, it will finalize the Divi Builder Framework which will act as a base for all of our flagship products. Divi, The Divi Builder Plugin, our upcoming Extra Theme, and any additional themes we make in the future will all be able to run on the exact same codebase. This will ensure a seamless experience for you and your clients, and it will also make development of this family of products more efficient. Finally, it will make switching between these different themes (or websites built with third party themes + the Divi Builder Plugin) effortless.

As mentioned earlier, we are also working to address several bugs and improvements. If you have been reading our changelogs lately, you will have seen the hundreds of fixes and improvements that we have already made, and we plan to continue these efforts as we wrap up Divi 2.5.

But that’s not all! While our lead developers have been working diligently on these framework updates, the rest of our team has been polishing up a few nifty features to be included in Divi 2.5 as well. In fact, they are more than just nifty, they are totally awesome. Here are just a few of the exciting new features you can expect in Divi 2.5:


We are expanding the Divi Builder to accept new right click and hotkey commands that will not only save you a ton of time, but will also introduce some brand new functions to the builder that will greatly improve your experience using it. After using these new features, you are going to wonder how you ever lived without them!


In addition to several UX improvements within the Divi Builder, Divi 2.5 will also ship with a brand new tool for WordPress Developers that will help you interact with your clients. We realize that small web design agencies and freelancers constitute a huge part of the Divi user base, and we want to set Divi apart by working on new ways to make the lives of WordPress developers easier. Many of our customers have expressed frustration with sharing control over the Divi Builder with their clients, and we aim to alleviate many of those headaches. Gone are the days of gungho clients messing up your beautiful designs!


We want to make building websites as efficient as possible by cutting out steps and reducing unnecessary actions within the builder. There is one Divi 2.5 feature in particular that really hits home on this goal; can you spot it? 😉

What’s The ETA on 2.5?

The major framework updates and new features are already finished. We are starting beta testing for Divi 2.5 in a few days, and we are shooting for a release in ~2-3 weeks. Don’t worry, this isn’t a 6 month project that will cause significant delays to our future products. As mentioned earlier, Divi 2.5 and the Divi Builder Plugin are being developed in unison (due to the shared framework), so once Divi 2.5 has been finished, the Divi Builder Plugin will be released shortly afterward.

I hope you are as excited as we are about these two upcoming releases, and I think you are going to absolutely love the new features we are working on.

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