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How To Build A Coupon Site With WordPress

How To Build A Coupon Site With WordPress

Who doesn’t love saving money? We live in a time where pinching pennies isn’t just for frugal moms anymore. Not only do we want to save money, but most of us have to for one reason or another.

But what’s even better than saving money? What about making money from helping others save it? Sounds pretty great, right? Well, you can do that by building a coupon based site or by offering coupon deals on a WordPress site that is already seeing good traffic.

Can Coupon and Daily Deal Sites Be Successful?

Before just jumping in and starting an online business, many people stop and ask a serious question:

Is it even a good idea?

The answer to that question is obviously going to vary depending on what your idea is. But want about these coupon-based sites in particular? Are these worth trying to start? Are there other sites that have found success from simply offering coupons to viewers?

Well, yes, quite a few actually. There are sites like RetailMeNot, Coupon.com, Smartsource, Groupon and LivingSocial, just to name a few.

As far as coupons and deals go, the one mentioned above are kind of the big kids on the block, but there are others who have niched-down and focused on a smaller audience and become rather well known to those with that interest.

For example, there is MightyDeals and DuelFuel — sites that offer amazing deals on products for designers (web and graphic) and online marketers. There is even the KrazyCouponLady — a site that was started by two women who simply loved to coupon and grew their site into a rather large and popular one.

Now, this isn’t to say that if you start a coupon or daily deals site that you will find the same or similar success as the ones mentioned above, but these examples do show that coupon sites can be successful when done correctly.

Back in the day, building these types of sites was as about as difficult as they could get, but thanks to WordPress, it’s not as hard as it used to be.

WordPress Coupon and Daily Deal Themes


Couponer: WordPress coupon theme

Couponer is a WordPress theme built on Bootstrap, is responsive, retina ready, and it has about all you could want from a WordPress coupon theme.

The theme is nice and easy on the eyes and boasts being easy to work with. It is ready to take on the task of having coupons added and even has a daily deals option with a countdown timer to help prompt buys on certain deals you run on the site. If you’re looking to build a membership base on your site then you’ll be happy to know that the theme has a fully functioning membership system that you can customize in the backend.

It also includes the ever important Blog page so that you can create addition content outside of just offering coupons. Price for this theme is $48 and include free support.

Get The Couponer Theme Here

Daily Deal

Using Daily Deals theme to build a deal site

Feature your deals on the Hompage Slider with Daily Deals

Daily Deal is a little bit more unique as far as coupon themes go. As the name suggests, the theme is built more around the premise of offering deals or discounts instead of just plain coupon codes.

The theme is set up to allow your visitors to submit deals for their own business. After purchase is made for the deal, the money first goes to you and then you take your allotted commission (which you can make whatever you’d like) before sending off the rest to the member who added the deal. You also have the power of listing moderation so that you still remain in control of what is posted on your site.

Designing your homepage and customizing the theme is made easy thanks to the help of the drag and drop feature and ability to make color changes using the WP Customizer.

Price for this theme is only $29 so it’s great for someone on a tight budget.

Get The Daily Deal Theme Here


Deals Themes: A WordPress coupon theme

Deals by ThemeJunkie has a similar overall look to Daily Deals but handles differently.

This theme was built to handle coupon codes (including affiliate one to help make you money), vouchers, printable coupons, and its responsive layout means your visitors can take advantage of deals no matter what size screen they are viewing it on.

The theme is optimized for SEO, Localization ready, has a nice Ad Management feature for helping you earn additional revenue from the site and includes free lifetime support. Price for the theme starts at $49 for 1 year of support and updates, but that price also includes all the themes available there in the shop.

Get The Deals Theme Here


Build a coupon site using WordPress and Clipper theme

Many popular coupon sites have a certain “look” about them. If you’re going for that simpler type of interface, then the Clipper theme by AppThemes could be closer to what you’re picturing for your site.

As far as functionality goes, this theme seems to offer more than most. Not only can you input coupons in the WP Admin area, but you can also allow visitors to add coupons themselves. They even have an area on the site where they can go and manage all the coupons that they have placed on your site.

The theme has plenty more to offer including 5 color layouts and monetization options using plugins that help you make money by placing affiliate coupons on the site.

Price for the Clipper coupon theme is $99, but you can use on as many sites as you want and you get a lifetime license so it’s a pretty great deal. Clipper is a top notch theme that is sure to make quite a few happy.

Get The Clipper Theme Here

Coupon Theme

Coupon WordPress theme

What this theme lacks on the initial visual side of things it makes up for in features. The theme — aptly named, Coupon — is a responsive template that can be used for building an affiliate based and/or printable coupon site.

Classified as a Directory styled theme, the theme authors behind Coupon also offer more than 30 different child themes so that you can find a look to your site that is closer to what you may be searching for.

Outside of the free child themes (which I consider to be a huge plus), the theme offers membership options, visitor submissions, easy visual and color customizations, revenue options built right like banner placement and much more.

As far as features go, this theme is my favorite thus far and it’s priced at $99.

Get The Coupon Theme Here

WordPress Coupon Plugins

Some of you, however, may not be looking to build an entire site for the coupons and deals you wish to offer, but would instead like to offer deals through your current site.

If you’re looking for this option, then using a WordPress coupon plugin is probably a better choice for you.

Coupon Code Plugin

Protect your affiliate income with coupon code plugin

Don’t you hate when you lose out on income from an affiliate link? Anyone who has done or who is doing affiliate marketing knows the pain that this can bring.

The Coupon Code Plugin helps to eliminate that pesky drawback by masking your affiliate link while still allowing your users to click the link that will automatically take them to the site and apply the code. This results in them getting the discount and you gaining the commission. (Yay!)

The plugin offers coupon management and reporting, and is easily customizable so that your coupon page fits your site’s design.

Price for the plugin is $37 for a single license with lifetime support and updates.

Get The Coupon Code Plugin Here

Coupon Creator

Coupon Creator Plugin for WordPress

This plugin allows you to create coupons and then display them via a shortcode on a page or in a post or widget.

Add the content of the what you want the coupon to say, style it to your specifications, set a time and date when the coupon will expire, and upload an image to use for it. It’s a free plugin so even if you’re not sure if it is what you’re looking for, you can still give it a test run before you opt to purchase a premium plugin.

It’s a free plugin so even if you’re not sure if it is what you’re looking for, you can still give it a test run before you opt to purchase a premium plugin.

Get The Coupon Creator Plugin Here

Social Coupon for WooCommerce

Extend your Woocommerce abilites with Social Coupon

If your site uses WooCommerce and you want a way to offer discounts to your products while boosting exposure and gaining traffic all at once, then you’ll probably do a little happy dance when you learn about this plugin.

The Social Coupon for WordPress is an extension for WooCommerce that offers customers the incentive to gain a discount on items in your shop if they share your page on one of their social media profiles. Since people are always up to getting a deal on things that they are already planning to buy, this is an excellent way to build traffic while keeping your current customers happy.

Price for this WooCommerce extension is only $22.

Get the Social Coupon Extension for WooCommerce Here


This coupon plugin has yet to hit the WordPress market yet, but it is sure to be one that many people have been looking for but have been unable to find thus far.

The CoupineWP plugin creates a new section in your WP Admin Menu for coupons and will allow you to add content like a blog post, insert your coupon code, place links to where your affiliate link is meant for, and lets you place a nice featured image to capture attention.

You can get an idea of what the plugin will do on the link below, or you can go to the plugin’s landing page to sign up for the update of when the plugin is going to be launched.

View The Live Demo HereGet On The List For CoupineWP Here

Magic WP Coupons Lite

Offer Coupons on your WordPress site with Magic WP Coupon

Offer coupons on your WordPress site with Magic WP Coupon

Want a plugin that offers a similar layout to the themes mentioned above while still saving yourself some cash? Then this last plugin on the list is a winner!

Magic WP Coupons comes with quite a few options for creating, filtering, and displaying coupons on your site. For example, you can easily create the coupon and then use a shortcode to display that coupon at the bottom of a review post so that your viewers can quickly click over to the affiliate site you linked to and make the purchase.

It’s a free plugin so why not try it out?

Get The Lite Version of Magic WP Coupons Here

Have any themes or plugins for coupons that you like to use? Be sure to comment below.

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