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Introducing The Never-Ending Giveaway | Elegant Themes Blog

Introducing The Never-Ending Giveaway | Elegant Themes Blog

I wanted to do something special and fun for those who are actively engaged with our daily blog posts, so I decided to create a giveaway that never ends just for you! How does it work? We are going to give away a free membership or account upgrade every week. The lucky winner will be chosen at random every Monday from the pool of contestants. To get your name into the raffle, all you need to do is be a part of our mailing list and submit your name.


Image by Africa Studio / shutterstock.com

If your name gets picked, and you are still subscribed to our newsletter, then you will receive an email with details about how to claim your prize. If you are already a member of Elegant Themes, then we will upgrade your account to the next subscription level for free. If you are not already an Elegant Themes member, then we will give you a 1 year subscription to our Personal Package for free. You can join our newsletter and submit your ticket into the raffle at any time.

Thanks again for listening, and stay tuned for more great WordPress tips and tricks every day 🙂

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