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Introducing Automatic Dashboard Updates For All Our Themes And Plugins

Introducing Automatic Dashboard Updates For All Our Themes And Plugins

Today, we are very excited to announce a new feature that has been heavily requested by our community for some time. All of our themes and plugins now support seamless, automatic updates from within the WordPress Dashboard. From now on, you can update our themes and plugins just like you would any other theme that you have downloaded from the WordPress.org repository. Just click “update” and you’re done! No longer will you need to re-download and re-install our themes when a new version is released.

We understand the importance of keeping things up-to-date. To ensure security and compatibility, you should always be using the latest versions of your themes and plugins. For this reason, it is important for us to make the process of updating our themes as easy as possible. For developers especially, who manage many installations for their clients, keeping your customers updated will now be a breeze.

Using The Elegant Updater Plugin

Before you can enable automatic updates, you must first authenticate your Elegant Themes subscription using the Elegant Themes Updater Plugin. Once authenticated, you can update your Elegant Themes using the standard update interface in WordPress.

To authenticate your WordPress installation, you must first download and install the Elegant Themes Updater. Download the ZIP file here, and then install it via the Plugins > Add New link in your WordPress Dashboard. Once it has been installed and activated, navigate to the Settings > General tab and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will notice that a new section has been added called “Elegant Themes Automatic Update Settings.” Here you will need to input your Elegant Themes Username as your Elegant Themes API Key. You can find your Elegant Themes API Key here. Once both fields have been filled in, click the “Save Changes” button. You can now update your theme when a new version has been released via the Dashboard > Updates page, or via the Appearances > Themes page.

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