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Nova Theme Now Fully Responsive

Nova Theme Now Fully Responsive

As we continue our mission to help prepare your websites for the huge increase in mobile and tablet users on the web, the next theme to be made responsive is Nova. As a responsive design, Nova will now adapt to your visitors screen size in order to best display your content. If your visitors view your website on an iPhone, for example, the design will adapt and re-arrange the content on your page to insure that your visitor will not have to zoom and scroll around to read your page.

The design will also function great on tablets, such as the iPad. Furthermore, the design comes with formats for both portrait and landscape modes for smartphones and tables alike.

Mobile represents a huge shift in the way we consume the internet. I am happy that we can show initiative in  getting our customer’s websites ready, and I hope that all of our Nova users enjoy the update! Let us know what you think 🙂

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