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Theme Sneak Peek: Convertible | Elegant Themes Blog

Theme Sneak Peek: Convertible | Elegant Themes Blog

If you have ever clicked on an affiliate ad, then you are probably familiar with the classic “sales pitch” landing page. I have always wondered why, in an industry that is so interested in subtly and a/b testing, why so many of these landing pages look so ugly! Changing your “buy” button from red to green might increase conversions, but what happens when you make a sales pitch page that actually look professional? Our next theme, Convertible, will be a landing page theme that is both functional and beautiful. It will come packed with loads of custom modules and customization options. Aside from the visual appeal, we are also hard at working creating an awesome visual/drag-and-drop content builder for structuring your page. This new content builder is the part of the theme that I am most excited about, and I will be giving everyone a preview of that in the near future!


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