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New Theme: Event | Elegant Themes Blog

New Theme: Event | Elegant Themes Blog

I am pleased to announce that our newest theme, Event, has been released today. Event is a unique theme that transforms your WordPress blog into a fully functional events website. All events are managed using standard WordPress posts, and each is displayed in an intuitive calendar on the homepage. The calendar loads content dynamically, and therefore supports an unlimited number events without increasing your initial page load. The calendar supports the display of both future and past event, as showcased in the demo.

Event Features

1. Five Unique Colorschemes – Event comes in five different colors, including Blue, Red, Purple, Teal and Green. You can switch between your colorschemes at any time from within the ePanel theme options page.

2. Blog SectionEven though the theme’s main feature is the events management system, the theme also supports a standard blog area. These “blog” posts are separated from your events, and are displayed without the additional listings info.

3. Interactive CalendarThe most impressive feature of Event is the homepage calendar. This calendar can display all of your events, past and present, in an intuitive interface. The calendar supports an unlimited number of events, as each is loaded dynamically using ajax. The calendar also supports the addition of multiple events on a single date.

4. Additional Listings InfoEach listing is enhanced by additional info pertaining to the event. This info is easily managed when your write your post via integrated write panels.

5. Intuitive Theme OptionsManaging each event is a breeze due to the custom write panels that have been added to the post editor. When creating your post, simply filling in a few additional fields is all that is required to create your listing.

I hope everyone enjoys the theme. I am eager to hear what you think about our latest creation!

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