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New Video Tutorials Now Available

New Video Tutorials Now Available

As part of our ongoing effort to improve theme usability and heighten user experience, we have been developing a series of videos tutorials to help new customers better understand the many features that come with our themes. While the creation of these videos is an ongoing process, and we still have many more to make, I am pleased to announce that today, three new videos have been added to all of the theme readme files. These three videos explain some of our latest features: Page Templates, Shortcodes and Sample Data Importing. There are many more videos to come, so I hope everyone enjoys the few we have made so far. Be sure to let us know what you think. Were the videos easy to understand? Did they give enough in-depth information about each feature? How would you rate the production quality? Any ideas you have to improve these videos are appreciated!

Using Page Templates

Shortcodes Overview

Importing Sample Data

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