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New Theme: TheStyle | Elegant Themes Blog

New Theme: TheStyle | Elegant Themes Blog

As the name suggests, this theme is all about style. Featuring a crisp, modern design, TheStyle will give your blog that unique visual impact you have been looking for. Furthermore, with its unique jQuery-enhanced, fluid width design, your posts always get displayed in a way that is best suited for your visitor’s resolution (try resizing your browser window to see what I mean). For more info, be sure to view the Live Demo as well as the Features Page.

TheStyle Features

1. Five Unique Colorschemes – The theme comes in 5 different colors, including Black, Red, Brown, Turquoise and Grey. If the default color doesn’t suit you, then I am sure one of the other great variations will.

2. Optional Sidebar – While the demo has it disabled, you can also choose to feature a widget ready sidebar on all index pages, as well as the homepage. This can be turned on and off from within ePanel.

3. ePanel Theme Options – As with all our themes, TheStyle comes integrated with our ePanel Theme Options, giving you increased control over your website.

As always, I am excited to hear what you think about the new design!

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