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ePanel Now Integrated Into All Themes

ePanel Now Integrated Into All Themes

ePanel Integration

After months of hard work work, I am pleased to announce that all themes have officially been updated with the ePanel theme options page. I know it took a while, but getting every theme on a even playing field was worth it. Proactive updates to ePanel will now be easy to distribute to our entire collection, and the way we have separated the code means that with each ePanel update, only the /epanel folder needs to be re-uploaded, saving your precious and time-consuming customizations!


All themes have also been fully localized, making them easy to translate into your own language. Instead of searching through every PHP file to locate the words you need to change, you can now translate the entire theme using the single Mo and Po files located in the theme’s /lang folder. The themes have also been pre-translated into Russian and German.

Upcoming Updates

For all those curious about the upcoming release of WordPress 3.0 and how it will affect our themes, we are currently in the process of updating all themes to account for any changes. You can also be assured that new features, such as the 3.0 Nav Menu function, will be fully compatible.

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