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New Themes On The Horizon

New Themes On The Horizon

This month we have already released three new themes and a free icon set, but it doesn’t stop there! In fact, there are already some new themes in the pipeline and development has already begun. For those interested in what’s to come, here is a sneak peek of my two upcoming themes MyProduct and TheSource, as well as some more info on the MyAppTheme. By the way, if you are hearing about these new themes for the first time today then you are lagging behind! Join my Twitter and Facebook pages for the freshest updates.


MyProduct is something I decided to make after we started working on the MyAppTheme. I wanted to create something similar for businesses who are trying to push one major product to their visitors. This theme will allow you to really focus on featuring this “product” on the homepage, and the overall structure will allow great flexibility in how you inform people about your business.


For some time now people have been asking me to create a “magazine” or “news” theme. TheSource is my answer to these requests. While this was my initial intention behind the eNews theme, I have since realized that eNews isn’t exactly what these people were looking for. With TheSource, I will focus on including much more content on the homepage while still retaining consistent hierarchy and readability. I also tried to push a more “media-esque” aesthetic that isn’t really found in any of my current themes.


MetaLab has also been adding the finishing touches to the MyAppTheme which I previewed earlier. For those interested, here are some more details shots of various elements of the theme.

I’m interested to hear your opinions on these new designs. Let me know what you think.

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