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New Theme: 13Floor | Elegant Themes Blog

New Theme: 13Floor | Elegant Themes Blog

My newest theme, 13Floor, has been released today. Check out the Live Demo for a closer look, or head over to the Features Page for more info. With this design I wanted to create something edgy, flashy and fun while still retaining an air of professionalism. I really focused on the homepage with this theme in hopes of giving my users the ability to really grab their visitor’s attention. The homepage contains only a collection of page or post-based slides, but still gives you enough room to tell your readers what you’re all about without drowning them in text. While the theme is meant to be page-based, it still contains a blog section. You can also use blog style mode, or populate the homepage slider with featured posts instead of pages if you want to use the theme for your more traditional blog.

13Floor Features Overview

1. The Homepage Slider – We have listened to user requests, and have made this slider much more customizable than those in some of our previous themes. You can now easily customize the text that appears in the red buttons of each slide. In the navbar on the bottom, where the title and excerpt would usually be auto-generated, you now have the ability to create custom title and excerpt content for each slide (independent of the actual title and content of the page being used). Also, if you don’t like the custom transition animation that we have created, you can choose from a variety of more simpler transition effects.

2. Five Unique Color Schemes – The theme comes with five different colors to choose from, so if Blue doesn’t suit you, you can try out the Brown, Green, Purple, or Yellow variations.

3. Blog Layout and Blog-style Mode – Even though the theme was meant to be page-based, it still comes with a full-feature blog section, as well as the ability to transform the theme into a more traditional blog via the BlogStyle mode in the ePanel Theme Options page.

A New Theme In The Works

If you aren’t following me on Tiwtter or Facebook, then you probably missed my most recent theme sneak peek. So here’s a look at my upcoming theme, MyResume. It’s going to be one of my simplest themes, but I quite like how it is turning out so far!

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