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New Theme: TheCorporation | Elegant Themes Blog

New Theme: TheCorporation | Elegant Themes Blog

TheCorporation is a sleek and professional theme for business sites. Grab your visitor’s attention immediately with the prominent and flashy jQuery slider, and let them know who you are via the simple page-based homepage design. I have received countless requests for such a “non-niche” and  “businessy” design over the last few months, so I hope that this helps to satisfy the needs of those members. For more info be sure to check out the Live Demo as well as the Features Page.

The Corporation Features

Powered by ePanel, TheCorporation comes with all of the great features you have become accustomed to here at EelegantThemes. Change  color schemes, post layouts, manage your navigation, optimize your blog for SEO and more with the click of a button.

1. Optional Blog-style Structure – TheCorporation is a completely page-based design, but that doesn’t mean you have to use it that way.  You can switch to “Blogstyle” mode at any time, which converts the page-based homepage into a post-based blog. Furthermore, you can choose to populate the Featured Slider with posts instead of pages. Even though this theme was made with a specific audience in mind, there is nothing stopping bloggers who just like the design from using it.

2. Six  Unique Color Schemes – TheCorporation comes with 2 styles, each with 3 color schemes, for a total of six different variations to choose from. The standard skin comes in three colors, including Blue, Green and Purple.

For those looking for a something a bit more understated, the theme also comes with a “refined” skin. This skin include 3 colors, including Red, Blue and Silver.

So what do you guys think? Please leave a comment if you have any opinions/suggestions! Also don’t forget to let me know what types of themes you would like to see in the future.

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