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New Theme: OnTheGo | Elegant Themes Blog

New Theme: OnTheGo | Elegant Themes Blog

My newest theme, OnTheGo, has been released today. OnTheGo is a completely hand-drawn theme that was scanned in and compiled to create a fresh and interesting design. It is fun and playful while maintaining an air of professionalism, and its unique appearance is sure to make your website stand out amongst the crowd. Creating OnTheGo was a lot of fun, as I have never tried to incorporate a physical drawing into a theme before, let alone base the entire design on hand-drawn line. For more information be sure to visit the Features Page and check out the Live Demo.

OnTheGo Features

This theme comes with all the great features you are used to here at ElegantThemes, including the ePanel Theme Options page and all the functionality it provides, complete localization and translation to English, German and Russian, and more. Here are a few stand-out features worth mentioning in greater detail:

1. Optional BlogStyle Layout – OnTheGo was created to be a page-based CMS style theme, however, you can also use it like a traditional blog by enabling BlogStlye Format in the options page.

2. Four Unique Color Schemes – OnTheGo comes with four different color variations, including Blue, Purple, Green and Brown. You can switch between these color schemes at any time via the ePanel Theme Options page.

3. Comprehensive Featured Slider – The homepage features a jQuery-powered slider. Unlike eBusiness, where the content of the slider is created using fields in the Options Page, OnTheGo gives you the option to popular the slider using Pages or Posts. You can define which pages to use for each tab, or you can simply designate a Featured Articles category to pull the posts from.

I hope you enjoy the new theme. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think, I appreciate any feedback you have!

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