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ElegantThemes v2 + Theme Updates

I decided that it was time to update ElegantThemes with a new look. I feel like my style has changed a lot in the past year, and I was eager to re-work the design to better represent my interests. With this update I have also done some work behind the scenes. The membership system has been updated to a much more robust script that will allow me to make continued improvements to member’s area. You will already notice that I have cleaned up the design and added some new features, and I will continue to do so in the near future.

I have also performed a database integration between the phpBB support forum and the ElegantThemes member’s area. All users will now have an account automatically created on the forum when they join (all current members have also been added). Furthermore, it is no longer necessary to log in twice – once you log in to ElegantThemes you are automatically logged into the forum. While I am talking about the forum, I would also like to welcome Yuriy to the ElegantThemes support team. Yuriy is an experienced WordPress themer who will be helping out in the forums. If you have any questions don’t forget to stop by!

I quick note to affiliates. I have already uploaded new creatives that have been updated with the v2 style. I have also made an effort to upload some new banner sizes.

I have completed a few theme updates. This is just a small first round to what I hope to be series of serious theme updates. If there is anything you would like to see please let me know!

1. Code Formatting – First of all I decided to go through all my theme’s css files and re-organize them. They were a little messy and I wanted to make things easier for those trying to do customizations. You will notice that I have reformatted every css file, as well as added comments that separates the code into various sections.  For such a minor upgrade this took my forever, (considering most of my themes have 3-4 stylesheets), and while there is still work to be done I think it’s a good start.

2. eVid Updates – I’ve had some requests, after releasing ePhoto, to create a black color scheme for eVid. I have done just that. You can now switch between the black and white color schemes via the eVid Theme Options Page.

3. Wooden Updates – Wooden was among the few themes in my collection that did not have any alternate color schemes. I went ahead and added a few, you can now choose between the Red, Blue, Green and Purple color schemes.

4. Quadro Updates – I have also updated Quadro with two tier dropdown menu functionality for both pages and categories.

What can you expect next here at ElegantThemes? Well, more new themes and theme updates of course! I am also working on greatly improving my theme documentation, as well as setting up a brand new tutorials section. This section will house basic video tutorials that will explain the ins and outs of setting up each theme, as well as more advanced tutorials that will cover popular customization issues.

I hope everyone is doing well. 🙂 Let me know what you think of the new design and what types of updates you would like to see done to any of my existing themes.

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