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New Theme: ColdStone | Elegant Themes Blog

New Theme: ColdStone | Elegant Themes Blog

I finished ColdStone today. It took longer than expected to complete this theme due to the release of 2.7, so I am sorry for the delay. You can check out the preview here, as well as the gallery page with a list of features here.

1. Three Unique Post Layouts

As I created this theme I visualized it being used as a business website, so I wanted to include a homepage layout that contained less information that a normal blog, emphasizing the links and giving a basic introduction. However, I have also included 2 other more traditional layouts. Anyone using this theme can choose between a Business, Blog, or Magazine style post layout. The Business-style homepage contains an “About Us” section (which can be edited from within the theme’s options menu) as well as a tabbed menu containing a few common sidebar elements. The Business-style homepage sidebar is also widget ready, so you can add widgets there independently from the main sidebar. The Blog Style homepage displays posts in full length like a traditional blog, and contains a full sidebar. The Magazine Style homepage is similar to Business-style, however, it includes more posts, no “About Us” section, and in its place includes the main sidebar content.

2. Three Widget Ready Areas

This theme contains three widget ready areas. Widgets can be added to the main sidebar as usual. Widgets can also be added to the footer, as well as the Business-style homepage sidebar.

3. Dropdown Navigation for Pages and Categories

This theme includes multi-tier dropdown menus for pages and categories.

4. Featured Articles Display

This theme includes a very large featured articles display. Due to the size of the images, I have allowed for 2 images to be used per post. One for the various smaller-sized thumbnails, and one for the large featured thumbnail. The featured articles can be turned off entirely from within the theme’s options menu if you don’t want to use them. You can also choose how many featured articles to display. (between 1 and 5)

5. Automated Thumbnail Resizing

As usual, this theme utilizes timthumb.php to automatically resize all thumbnail images. Only one source image is require per post, unless the post is being featured.

6. Predefined Ad Spots

ColdStone comes with 2 predefined ad areas. You can add a single 468×60 banner add to the bottom of all post pages, and 2 125×125 banners to all pages. These ads are all managed from within the theme’s options menu.

7. 2.7 Compatibility

The theme comes compatible with 2.7, and includes threaded comments integration.

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