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Theme Update: WhosWho | Elegant Themes Blog

Theme Update: WhosWho | Elegant Themes Blog

I have added several features to Who’sWho, as well as removed a few, from the custom theme options page. First off I have removed the control over the stylesheet (font color, size, family, etc). My reason for this is that is requires PHP to have safe mode turned off, which many shared hosts don’t like. I also felt that the control it gave you wasn’t enough to actually warent the trouble. Anyone looking to change these basic colors will have to edit the stylesheet to make other things match anyway. Now, on to the additions.

1. Categories dropdown menu.

I have added dropdown capability to the categories navigation bar. I have always felt that a dropdown menu would fit well with this theme, so here you go!

2. Optional Blog-Style Post Layout

I have added an option in the custom themes options menu to switch from the news/cms style post layout to a more traditional blog layout. This is handeled through an easy-to-use dropdown menu, and you can switch back and forth at any time.

Placing the theme in “blog style” will remove all of the non-traditional elements on the homepage, as well as remove the post character limit on the category and index pages.

3. Optional Sidebar Banners

I have added the option to remove the 125x125px sidebar banners. You can simply choose to remove them from within the theme’s options page.

4. Optional “Featured Area”

If you would like to remove the featured area on the homepage, including the random posts, rss, and feedburner links, you can do so from the theme’s option page.

5. Automatic Thumbnail Re-sizer/Cropper

I have added automatic thumbnail resizing to the theme. You no longer need to resize your images, and you no longer need to create separate custom fields/images for the random articles/featured articles thumbnails. Only one custom field is required.

6. Remove Links By ID

I have added the ability to remove links from the category and page navigation bars from within the theme options. Just type in the category/page’s ID to make it disappear.

7. Thumbnail Display Improvement

I have changed the way that thumbnails are nested within the next. Now when you do not have a thumbnail added to your post no blank square will appear. Furthermore, your text will stretch accross the div accordingly.

8. Thumbnail Additions

Thumbnails have been added to the category boxes on the homepage.

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