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New Theme: StudioBlue | Elegant Themes Blog

I finished another theme today, it’s called StudioBlue. I know that some of my themes are starting to look similar, but with this theme I focused more on fixing some issues “behind the scenes.” I have been getting tons of suggestions from Elegant WPT members, and I have tried to address a few.

1. Thumbnails are now automatically re-sized and cropped when you add the custom field. You no longer need to re-size your images before making a post. I have also changed the way thumbnails are displayed so that when a post does not contain a custom field with the key Thumbnail, posts are displayed without the thumbnail without any design glitches. (some of my old themes would display a blank square next to the post instead).

2. Jquery isn’t used in this theme, as several people were having trouble getting third party scripts using javascript to function correctly.

3. You can now exclude pages/categories from the navigation bars via the custom theme options. Several people have requested this feature in order to hide the “Featured Articles” category, which is required to control the featured articles on the homepage.

4. Tags: all posts will now show tags, which are housed within a tabbed menu.

5. All posts will show “related posts” within a tabbed menu.


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